What is Hot Knifing and How to Do It

What is Hot Knifing and How to Do It

Hot knifing is a simple but efficient method to consume cannabis without apipe orrolling papers. When a small nug of dry herb is pressed flat between two hot knives, the resulting smoke is potent and rich incannabinoids

Primarily used in social settings, hot knifing can be used to maximize your high while conserving your supply. Use this guide to learn the ins and outs of hot knifing: from the supplies you need for a successful blader to step-by-step instructions on how to hot knife at home.

What does hot knifing mean?

Hot knifing is a method of consuming cannabis that utilizes two heated knives. When these knives are heated to a glowing red, and a small nug of flower is pressed between them, smoke is released. This smoke can be inhaled for a potent and powerful high.

This low-cost method can be used to smoke cannabis flower, as well as hash, hash oil, and otherforms of THC concentrate. Typically used as a party trick or a fun sesh between friends, this method can also be used in a pinch when you don’t have access to rolling papers or a pipe. 

Hot knifing produces strong hits from very little cannabis. The cannabis is not being burned—or combusted—through the more traditional method of bringing a flame directly to the flower. As a result, the smoke produced contains less toxins and more cannabinoids.

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Because these cannabinoids, likeCBD and THC, are not burned in the conventional sense, fewer are lost in the process. Instead, the smoke produced using this method is rich in these cannabinoids, which can then be inhaled directly by the consumer. Moreover, this method is great for preserving your dry herb while still maximizing your high. 

Other names for hot knifing

Hot knifing goes by a number of names. These names include:

  • Knifers
  • Knife hits 
  • Blades
  • Bladers
  • Dots
  • Spotting
  • Spots

No matter what the lingo is, hot knifing is an efficient way to maximize cannabinoid consumption with very little dry herb.

How to hot knife

Hot knifing is a fairly straightforward process. However, as you will be handling extremely hot (and sometimes sharp) metal, it is very important to use caution throughout the entirety of the process. Use the following step-by-step guide for tips on how to safely and effectively get high utilizing this method. 

Step one: Gather your supplies

Before beginning the process, tear off a spot of cannabis. For a decent hit, you generally need no more than a popcorn kernel-sized nug. Additionally, grab two butter knives and a small vessel (like a bottle with its bottom cut off or a used paper towel roll) to help funnel the smoke directly into your mouth.

Step two: Heat your knives 

Using a blow torch or the burner on your stove, carefully place your two knives over the flame. Keep them in the fire until they start glowing red. These instruments must be extremely hot in order for smoke to be produced. 

Step three: Set up your hit

When the knives are heated, place whatever you decide to use as a funnel near your mouth. Carefully place your tiny nug of dry herb on one of the knives. Bring the knife to the bottom of your funnel and use the second knife to firmly but cautiously apply pressure to the cannabis. 

Step four: Inhale

As you press the cannabis between your two knives, you’ll notice that smoke is starting to rise from the dry herb. As this smoke starts ribboning off of your cannabis, slowly inhale to draw this smoke through your funnel and into your mouth. 

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What you need to hot knife weed

To hot knife weed effectively, you need a few common household supplies. These supplies include:

  • Two butter knives 
  • A small nug or “spot” of cannabis, either rolled up or torn directly from the bud
  • A method to heat the knives, whether that’s a stove burner or a blow torch 
  • A vessel to funnel the smoke, such as a bottle with its bottom cut off or a paper towel roll (Note: Though this vessel is not required, it helps to lower the risk of burning your mouth off the heated knives and ensure that no smoke escapes unsmoked)

These supplies are typically found in the home already: that is what makes hot knifing so affordable and accessible. 

To sum it up

Hot knifing is a tried and true method of consuming cannabis without a pipe or rolling papers: This method of consumption is ideal for conserving your flower while maximizing euphoria and psychoactive effects. Though only a small amount of cannabis is used, the resulting smoke is potent and cannabinoid-rich, meaning you can utilize a small amount of weed without compromising your high. When utilizing this method, be careful. Always remember to use caution when going through the hot knife method to reap the rewards without significant burns. 


Why are knife hits potent?

Hot knife hits are generally considered more potent than the average hit from a pipe. Because the cannabis flower is not combusted in the traditional sense (by being burned with a flame directly), it does not lose the same amount of cannabinoids typically lost during combustion. Instead, these cannabinoids—including THC and CBD—are inhaled by the consumer, making for a powerful, more potent high. 

Who invented the hot knife?

Though it is difficult to say who exactly invented the hot knifing method, this method dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is primarily associated with the consumption of hash or cannabis concentrate. a venture that began as early as 1913.

How hot is a hot knife?

When heating your knives for a blader, apply heat until the knives glow red. These knives can be placed directly in a flame, using a blow torch or gas stove burner, or through utilizing an electric coil burner. When using an electric burner, place the knives between the coils to heat them while making sure the handles stay cool and manageable. 

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