How to Use a 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery?

How to Use a 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery?

If you want to vape cannabis of any type, chances are you've heard of the 510 thread cart and matching vape batteries. But just what is "510 thread" and how does it factor into the whole vaping scene? Good questions.

At VESSEL, we are vape pen enthusiasts, mad genius vape inventors, and all-around vape pen experts. So naturally, we can tell you everything you need or ever wanted to know about how vape pens work. Including the secrets behind the 510 thread and how to use a 510 thread vape pen battery with all your favorite carts.

510 Carts: The Most Popular Way to Vape

First, let's talk carts. Vape juice/cannabis oil usually comes in pre-filled cartridges or "carts" that connect via a small electromagnetic connection to a battery. When the battery provides power, the oil heats up, creating a vapor that you can inhale through the top. 

Simple, right?

Well, how do you know if a vape pen battery and the cart you just bought are going to match? Most devices and carts use the standard-sized 510 thread to take care of this problem. In fact, vape pen brands that don't use the 510 thread are really annoying because theyonly work with their own branded vape carts - which are usually overpriced.

So, if you want to buy carts from any dispensary in the country (or the world) and have them work in your vape pen, stick with the 510 thread design.

What Does 510 Thread Mean?

Okay, so what exactly do we mean when we say a vape cart or battery is "510 thread"? 510 thread means that the connection has 10 threads that are 0.5mm apart. The diameter is actually 7mm for all 510 threads, in case you're curious.

What is a 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery?

The Vape Pen Design

A 510 thread vape battery is a rechargeable battery that powers a vape cart using a 510 threaded connection. A typical pen is a long cylinder about the length of your hand with a single flat button on one side to fire the pen. There will be a socket on one end and, usually, a little light on the other end to tell you when the pen is firing. Most 510 thread vape pen batteries have a lithium-ion battery inside, which is superior for constant charging and recharging compared to old-fashioned lead-acid batteries. There may be a rechargeable port on the side or bottom of your pen, typically a USB Micro or C port.

The VESSEL Expedition, for example, has a magnetic charging stand to make charging both easy and attractive on your desk, while the Core has a USB C port.

How the 510 Thread Works in a Vape Pen Battery

Every standard-sized vape cart has a male-end 510 thread with 10 turns 0.5mm apart. Every 510 thread vape pen battery has a female socket with 10 turns at 0.5mm apart.

At the bottom of the socket is an electrical connection so that when the cart is screwed all the way in and the button is pressed, electricity flows through the cart to heat the oil and create vapor. This also makes sure you can't accidentally shock yourself because it's impossible to poke the bottom of the socket.

Turning Your Vape Pen Off and On

Many vape pens have an On/Off feature achieved by tapping the button a certain number of times - typically between 3 and 5. If there is a light, it may flash to let you know you have succeeded. Turning off your vape pen battery can prevent it from accidentally firing in your pocket on trips and protect the battery from running down.

How to Use a 510 Thread Cart and Battery Together

  • Charge the Pen
  • Screw In the Cart
  • Press the Button
  • Inhale

Using a 510 thread vape pen is easy. All you need to do is screw in your cart, hit the button, and inhale through the mouthpiece at the top of your cartridge.

If your vape cart doesn't fire, recharge your battery for 15-120 minutes (depending on the pen) and try again with full power. The VESSEL Core for example, has three little lights to tell you the charge level at a glance.

Power-Mode Vape Pens

Some vape pen batteries like the VESSEL Vista have multiple power mode settings for a bigger cloud or gentler hit that you can cycle through with the right pattern of button presses.

How to Maintain and Store Your 510 Thread Vape Battery

Most vape pen batteries are durable, especially those crafted by VESSEL for adventures and pocket safety. However, they are still lithium-ion batteries and should be treated with some care. With the right routine, you can make your vape pen battery perform better and last longer.

  • Keep your entire vape pen clean with occasional wipe-downs and swab the inside of your 510 thread socket with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Do not let your 510 vape battery become too hot or too cold. Don't leave it in your luggage when you fly, in a hot car, or in a cold basement.
  • Turn your vape pen off when carrying it in your pocket, purse, or bag
  • Remove your current cart if your pen will be rattling around for some time. This will help prevent leaks.
  • Keep your vape pen charged, but don't always leave it plugged in.
  • Try to avoid letting your vape pen go completely dead, but most will come back to life easily. 

What to Do if Your 510 Battery Isn't Working

Okay, so you've done everything right. You have a charged 510 thread vape pen and screwed in an appropriate 510 vape cart. You hit the button and... nothing. Don't worry, this is normal and there are a few different steps that usually fix the problem. Troubleshooting a vape pen is not hard at all.

  1. Clean Both Ends of the 510 Connection

  • First, take a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol (Windex will do in a pinch) and swab both connectors. Swab the inside of the vape pen socket and blow on it to help it dry. Then swap the entire 510 thread and the end of your vape cart. This will remove any dust or residue oil and improve the connection. Try again.
  • Spring the Vape Pen Battery Connector

  • Still no luck? Next, take a small tool (like a dab tool, ballpoint pen tip, or paperclip) and poke the inside socket of your vape pen. There's a tiny spring-loaded button in there that should depress and spring back up. But it can get stuck. Poking it can usually release a stuck button and help it form a connection.
  • Pull Out the Cart's Connector End

  • The opposite of the stuck-down button is a depressed seal on the cart end. If you look closely, the metal connector at the tip of your cart has a little wax seal around it, which means it can get pressed down so it doesn't reach a full connection. Use the tip of a clean dab tool or paperclip end to gently pull that tip out a few millimeters. Make sure it's clean, and try your connection again. This one's usually the clincher when nothing else works.
  • Swap Batteries and Cartridges

  • Lastly, try a different combination of vapes and carts. If the battery fires with a different cart, your original cart may be busted. If the cart fires with a different battery, try charging the first battery and cleaning it very carefully before screwing in another cart.


Find Your Ideal 510 Thread Vape Battery with VESSEL

Here at VESSEL, we are passionate about excellent vape pen design. You can tell with every one of our pen models that we're vapers and we put our heart into sleek, durable, adventure-ready, versatile, and easy-to-charge pen designs. Whether you're an Expedition, Core, Vesta, or Craftsman fan, we promise every one of our devices works beautifully with all the 510 thread carts the world has to offer. 

Explore our pens, box mod, accessories, and cases to build your ideal 510 vape-ready kit for your next relaxing home sesh or grand vape adventure. Contact us today or explore the online shop on your own to discover everything our mad vape scientists have come up with so far.

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