Hosting a Cannabis Dinner Party with Friends

Hosting a Cannabis Dinner Party with Friends

Eating cannabis is one of the most holistically satisfying experiences you can explore. No matter the strain or the recipe, there is something uniquely delightful about absorbing marijuana with your entire body. We love the idea of cannabis restaurants and lounges opening across the country, but let's not forget the simple magic of hosting a homemade cannabis-infused dinner party with friends.

Enjoy the relaxation of being alone with your best people and the artful perfection of a well-infused meal. If you're thinking about canna-hosting a deliciously infused meal,  at VESSEL, we are all in favor. Whether this is your first or fiftieth, let's dive into our best ideas for how to make every cannabis dinner party with friends an unforgettable success.  

The Important Questions

Always start a dinner party with a few important questions. Make sure you know the guest list and plan for the style and tastes of the people who will be part of the experience.  

How Much Food Should You Infuse?

It's important to balance both infused and non-infused foods for a cannabis meal. Otherwise, it will be quite easy to enjoy more marijuana than intended and wind up napping to your planned movie together. Consider just how much food to infuse - which courses, and which ingredient for each course so that everyone enjoys a buzz throughout the evening without going overboard.

Pot-Luck or Planned Courses?

Depending on your style and your group of friends, the evening might be more enjoyable as a fully hosted meal or as a pot-luck where everyone brings their signature or newest experimental infused dish.  If you're going solo, make sure it's not too much to ask of yourself. If you're going pot-luck, plan ahead and ensure each person knows who's bringing the entrees, sides, desserts, and so on. Also, balance how much is and is not medicated.

Indica, Sativa, and/or CBD?

Are you looking for an energetic, creative evening or a dinner party where everyone relaxes to the sound of crickets on the back porch after the meal? Determine if you're all planning on a Sativa all-nighter, and Indica Netflix & chill night, or even a pain-relieving CBD-athon.

Food-Only or a Flavored Vape Selection?

Lastly, don't forget that some still love their vape as much as they love a good pot brownie. If you're feeling creative, consider putting out a small display of vape pens alongside flavorful vape carts or leaf buds as part of the party favors.

Cannabis-Infused Course Ideas

Want a few ideas to give your cannabis menu a jump start? Try a few of these or invite your friends to get inspired from the list. Remember you can infuse alcohol, milk and cream, oil, butter, and honey just to name a few potential cannabis ingredients that can become dishes.

  • Infused Coffee and/or Cocktails
  • Cannabis Butter/Oil Main Courses
    • Lasagna
    • Canna-Quiche
    • Pot-Pulled Pork
    • Cannabis Beef Stew
    • Marijuana Casserole
    • Rasta Shell Pasta
  • Marijuana Sides
    • Infused Mashed Potatoes
    • Medicated Tomato Soup
    • Salad with Cannabis Vinaigrette
    • Spinach, Artichoke, and Marijuana Dip
    • Weed Hummus
    • Garlic CannaButter Bread
    • Pot-Mayo Deviled Egs
  • Edible Desserts

Canna-Cooking Tips to Share

When planning your cook-up, share a few tips with everyone who will be bringing a dish if you don't already have recipes perfected for the evening. There are two very important things to remember about a cannabis dinner part.

1. Make a Variety of Infused Ingredients

First, you don't have to make everything out of canna-butter. Cannabis butter is the most common homemade ingredient, but the infusing process can be done with cheesecloth and any number of potential ingredients. Having a variety of infused ingredients and different edible-friendly strains ensures a variety of flavors and textures in your infused meal.

2. Infuse Low-Temp or Last in the Recipe

Second, remember not to overcook anything that's been infused. Cannabis should be decarboxylated (gently cooked) to release the THC and CBD molecules from their immature state, but cooking over about 300 F can reduce the effectiveness. We recommend lower-temperature recipes for cannabis cooking - or adding your cannabis at the end, or in a garnish, that is not cooked at a high temp with the rest of the dish.

The Importance of Labeling

Labeling can also be essential when hosting a homemade cannabis dinner party. Most people prefer to "maintain" at their own pace, which means knowing how much cannabis they are intaking at one time. Labeling makes it possible for everyone to do that.

Mark Doses for Every Dish

Mark the strength of each dish. Take the THC percent of the weight of cannabis infused into the ingredient. Then divide by the amount of ingredient in every serving. For 5g of a 20% THC bud is infused into 1 cup of butter, which is made into a 10 serving dish. That's 1000 mg THC to start with (20% of 5g), divided by 10 is 100mg per serving.

Indica vs Sativa Can Be a Choice

Marking which foods are indica vs sativa can let each person choose their own favorite evening experience. Some people stay away from indica to avoid falling asleep, some get the jitters on sativa, some will blend them for a perfect relaxing and creative balance when given the opportunity. Marking strain names and terp blends is equally helpful and fun.

Food Allergies and Diet Restrictions

Lastly, having labels for food allergy ingredients is welcoming for a group of friends where there may be some dietary restrictions. Marking what has nuts, what is vegetarian/vegan, or what contains pork is just a friendly way to conduct a dinner party.

Hosting an Amazing Evening

Lastly, let's touch on a few tips that can make a cannabis dinner party a complete success.

Eat Slowly All Evening

Plan to take it slow. Some dinner parties, the goal is to finish each course quickly so you can get on to other activities. With a cannabis dinner party, the goal is to enjoy each course luxuriously without rushing through the medicated ingredients. In fact, you might consider laying out a finger-food spread to snack on through movies and activities instead of focusing on a plated dining style.

Balance Medicated and Non-Medicated Options

Have plenty of non-medicated foods  - and especially snacks - on the menu. THC can give you the munchies, and it's important for everyone to enjoy a full meal without accidentally consuming more cannabis per hour than they plan to. For multiple infused dishes, advise everyone also to go a little lighter on the cannabis than they would if just one dish was infused.

Keep the Hydration Flowing

Make sure everyone stays hydrated. Prepare pitchers of lemonade and serve sodas with lots of ice. Hydration will not only help to counteract symptoms like dry-mouth, it will also help everyone process a hearty cannabis-infused meal at their optimal metabolism.

Coffee and Vapes on the Back Porch

End your planned courses with coffee and relaxing vapes on the back porch. Many people still like to smoke or vape to end their day, and infused coffee (tea, cocktails, or punch) is a great way to relax into the end of an evening.

Plan for Sleepovers or Sober Rides Home

Lastly, consider this similar to a night of drinking. Have designated drivers, call Ubers, or just bust out the sleeping bags and extra comforters and pass out to bad movies together in the living room after a delightful shared cannabis evening.

To Sum Up

A cannabis dinner party can be one of the best shared memories you can create for you and a group of friends. Get everyone involved, plan fun activities and movies, and have a great time together swapping recipes and favorite strains. And if you want to set up an amazing vape bar on the side, VESSEL is always proud to be your choice in vape pens, dry leaf vaporizers, and cool cannabis accessories.


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