Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas For Her

Some women want a dozen roses or surprise reservations at the most exclusive restaurant. But if your significant other loves cannabis, then you should go for something with a little more “pot-ential.”

Whether she’s a connoisseur who knows every strain and product on the market or someonejust getting into the ganja game, these cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day gifts are the perfect way to show your special someone that you really care.

Helix Rose Gold +  Ember Gold

Is your girl a bigfan of flower? Then make sure she’s puffing in style with this eye-catching rose one-hitter and matching ashtray. This golden combo is a chic and stylish way for her to enjoy herfavorite dry herb in a discrete yet sophisticated fashion.

The Helix one-hitter is crafted with a unique double-helix design to enhance filtering and cooling to create the perfect hit. And the Ember ashtray features a wide and deep pure-brass bowl that will look as good as it works. You can even throw in a little bit of Chocolate Kush to really amp up the chocolates and flower theme. Trust us—she’ll be delighted.

Cone Rose Gold + Mill Beechwood

There is no greater gifting duo thana killer one-hitter and a high-quality grinder.  This beautiful pairing is ideal for on-the-go grinding. So if your Valentine is all about quick hits in-between errands or travels, then this combination is perfect for her.

The Cone one-hitter offers all the benefits of our unique, double-helix design but in a more ergonomic shape (no fatigued hands here). It's also more lightweight than most one-hitters, so it’s perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse. And the Mill Beechwood grinder is a three-piece made out of engineered aluminum with a solid beechwood inlay. Throw this 420-friendly surprise in with that new bag she's been eyeing and watch her heart melt.

Ash + Carbon + Mill + Helix Rose Gold

Take spoiling your boo to a whole new level by upgrading herentire toking toolkit. This complete and luxurious set is fit for a queen and includes our signature Cone Rose Gold one-hitter, three-piece grinder, Carbon high-precision lighter and Ash concrete ashtray—A.K.A., everything she needs for connoisseur-level cannabis consumption.

You already know how game-changing our Helix one-hitter and Mill Beechwood grinder are, but Carbon is no slouch either. This innovative piece of tech features an angled flame port for multiple ways to safely light up. It's also refillable and comes with a low-temperature adjustable candle flame.

And Ash is so much more than just the cherry on top. It's an incredibly functional ashtray that not only provides an aesthetically pleasing place to tap out a joint but doubles as storage for your one-hitter, grinder, and lighter. So if you want to show her how much you care this Valentine’s Day, give her the gift of total cannabis satisfaction.

Helix Black + Basin Black

Not every gal is a fan of the uber-gold look. If your significant other is more of a tomboy or just into classic colors, then she'll love this sleek and simple all-black combo. 

The Helix Black one-hitter is just as innovative and game-changing as the original but with a classic matte, swirl-coated finish. And the Basin Black two-piece grinder is a no-frills beauty with its modern,smell-proof design and anodized aircraft aluminum coating. Throw in an extra ounce of some of her favorite flowers, and you’ve got yourself one very happy lady this Valentine’s Day.

Core Emerald + Hideaway Sleeve

Sure, you could give her some traditional jewelry, or you could give her the gift of convenience and luxury with this ultra-chic vape set.The Core vape pen comes in a gorgeous emerald green color and is the perfect way for her to enjoy her favorite concentrates in a discreet, sophisticated fashion. It features a wide 510 crown and LED battery indicator, so you can guarantee she’ll have anamazing vaping experience every time.

And if she has a tendency to lose her pen in the depths of her oversized handbag,the Hideaway Sleeve will keep it safe and secure wherever she goes. Made from genuine cracked fissure leather and a slim design, this sleeve is the perfect combination of style and practicality. So why not make her Valentine’s Day even sweeter with this dynamic duo?

Throw in a jar of her favorite concentrate, and you’ve got yourself a unique gift—and a holiday—that she won't soon forget. 

To Sum It Up

This Valentine’s Day, give the special, 420-friendly woman in your life what she really wants: a gift that celebrates her love for cannabis. Whether she likes it bold and gold or cool and black, we’ve got the perfect combination of one-hitters, grinders, lighters, ashtrays, and vapes that will have her looking and smoking like a pro.

Just don’t forget the flowers—it is Valentine’s Day after all. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's The Best Gift For Girlfriend On Valentine's Day?

To truly know the answer to this gift, you have to truly know your girlfriend and what she likes. If she's into cannabis, then a combination present of one-hitters, grinders, lighters, and ashtray is a great option. Add in a few buds of her favorite strain and some chocolates and you're golden.

How Do I Make My Girlfriend Feel Special On Valentine's Day?

Making someone feel special really boils down to just showing that you pay attention to what they enjoy. Whether it's taking the time to plan a special date, picking out a gift that you know she'd love, or writing down what you admire about her in a card, these small gestures can make a world of difference this holiday.

What Do You Get For Your Girlfriend For Valentine's Day If You Just Started Dating?

If things between you and your girlfriend are not that serious (yet) but you still want to get her something special for Valentine's Day, consider going with something small and thoughtful. Something like flowers, a box of chocolates, or a heartfelt card can be very sweet without overwhelming her.

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