Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas For Him

Men, in general, can be tricky to buy for. You want to give him something thoughtful and romantic yet useful. Luckily, if your man loves cannabis, then you won’t have to worry about getting him a gift that will go unappreciated—or unused (we're looking at you, expensive cologne).

This year, consider giving him the gift of an elevated toking experience with one of our many dry herb smoking kits. Whether he's into the classic gold finish of our premium pipe or the modern black look of our basin grinder, any of the combinations below are sure to please.

Helix Gunmetal + Ember Concrete

If your man likes his smoking accessories sleek, understated, and stylish, then this combo is a no-brainer. The Helix Gunmetal one-hitter features our patent-pending double helix airflow system for smooth draws on every hit, thanks to its dual filtering and cooling capabilities. Meanwhile, the Ember ashtray is made from high-quality concrete for a sturdy weight and classic, industrial look.

Pair this basic but in no way boring combo with a jar of his favorite buds—maybe something to make him laugh or get him in the mood—and you’ve got yourself a gift that will keep on giving. Thanks to this duo, Valentine's Day just got a whole lot easier.

Cone Maritime + Mill Beechwood

For something with a hint of rustic charm, the Cone Maritime one-hitter and Mill Beechwood grinder is a great option. The former features an eye-catching royal blue finish and heavy-duty stainless steel construction for durability and longevity, while the latter has a light beechwood casing for added warmth to his sesh setup.

Unlike the Helix series, our Cone design is way more lightweight and ergonomically designed. So if your guy suffers from any wrist pain or is just conscious of conserving his energy, this one-hitter is the perfect solution. Paired with our most popular three-piece grinder, it’s a two-in-one that will make his Valentine’s Day one to remember. You can even throw in some buds that are great for calming inflammation if you’re feeling extra generous.

Ash + Carbon +Mill + Helix Black

The ultimate gift for your cannabis-loving guy is one that just keeps on giving. This complete kit elevates his toking experience in every way imaginable, from the silky-smooth draw of the Helix Black one-hitter to the durable and efficient grinding capabilities of our Mill grinder. Plus, all of these items come in classic finishes that beautifully complement each other for a look that’s timeless and stylish.

The combo includes our bestselling Helix Black one-hitter (in that patent-pending design you know and love) and our always-popular Mill grinder with a gorgeous walnut inlay. For an extra special touch, surprise him with a few accessories like our refillable Carbon lighter and Ash ashtray to complete the kit. He'll love the ease and convenience of our lighter's inverted design (no more close-call finger burns!) and the secret-storage capabilities of our ashtray.

Top it all off with some personal touches from you—some stress-relieving strains and a handwritten note, perhaps?—and you’ll have his heart in no time.

Helix Maritime + Ember Gold

If your cannabis-lovin' man tends to be on the flashier side, then you've got to check out this combo. The Helix Maritime one-hitter is a dazzling deep blue and features our never-before-seen filtering and cooling system for the smoothest rips around. Meanwhile, the Ember ashtray adds a touch of glam with its gold finish.

He'll love displaying these pieces on his living room table or on his at-home cannabis bar, and the convenience of our one-hitter will make it easy for him to enjoy his favorite herb without any fuss. Give this combo a special touch with a goody box of his favorite strains (bonus points if they're in a heart-shaped box), and he'll be thanking you all year round.

Helix Black + Basin Black

If your fella likes to keep things simple but sophisticated, this set is right up his alley. The Helix Black one-hitter features a classic matte black finish for the perfect subtle statement piece, while our Basin dry herb storage container in sleek black adds just enough glamour to make things interesting.

You know all the reasons he'll love smoking our signature one-hitter, but don't let the simplicity of the Basin fool you. Not only is this bad boy waterproof (hello, hazy beach days), but it's also smell-proof. So if he's got some not-420-friendly roommates, this grinder will help him toke in peace. He can keep his stash discreetly stored away and ready for action at a moment's notice.

Make your man's Valentine's Day extra special with this combo, and you won't regret it—he'll think of you each time he lights up.

To Sum It Up

This Valentine’s Day, don't just get him a gift—get him an experience! With our selection of one-hitters, grinders, lighters, and ashtrays, you can give the special stoner in your life exactly what he wants to help him enjoy his time with cannabis even more.

Whether he’s a fan of the classics or prefers to stand out with some serious style, we’ve got something to fit his needs. And with the perfect personal touches added from you, he’ll surely have the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Gift For Valentine For Boyfriend?

Men love gifts that they'll actually use. For example, if your BF is a fan of the ganja, consider getting him a one-hitter, grinder, lighter, and ashtray combo set. He'll love the convenience of having all his smoking needs taken care of in one package, and you can even add some personal touches from you to make it extra special.

How Do You Spoil A Guy On Valentine's Day?

The best way to spoil a guy on Valentine's Day is with personalized gifts. Think about his hobbies and interests and what he loves most—whether it’s movies, music, sports, or cannabis. Then pick out something special that speaks to him as an individual.

What Can I Gift My Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Special?

Gift your BF something that's meaningful and speaks to his interests, such as cannabis gifts if that's what he enjoys. A one-hitter, grinder, lighter, and ashtray combo set is a great choice for the cannasseur in your life—it'll show him you care, and he'll be able to use it for many years to come.

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