The Best Dispensaries in California - Our Top Picks

The Best Dispensaries in California - Our Top Picks

When it comes to cannabis, California stands out as a pioneer, being the birthplace of the green revolution. With its rich history and progressive laws, California has become a haven for cannabis enthusiasts far and wide.

But with so many dispensaries to choose from, it can be overwhelming searching for the best ones. Lucky for you, that’s where we come in. In this article, we’ll be your guide to thebest weed dispensaries in California that offer the best quality products at the best deals.

The best dispensaries in California

California weed dispensaries


Caliva cannabis dispensary logo

Located along 7th Street in San Jose, Caliva is described by some customers as "a place you'd take your mother and your best friend to get cannabis from," thanks to their bright, clean, and organized store layout. They have a top-notch selection, catering to both recreational and medicinal needs with everything from flower and pre-rolls to vapes and edibles.

They also have knowledgeable and friendly staff on deck, which many inexperienced customers appreciate. Additionally, Caliva features their own line of cannabis flower grown within their controlled indoor grow rooms. They offer browsing in store, pick-ups, and delivery throughout the SF Bay Area.

California Holistics

California Holistics Logo

Nestled in Paseo del Ray on H Street, California Holistics is a dispensary worth visiting when in Chula Vista. As soon as you enter the store, you're welcomed with a holistic ambiance (hence the name) and a relaxed, inviting shopping environment. They also have friendly staff ready to assist you and provide expert advice on anything you might need.

Their product range is impressive, covering both recreational and medicinal needs with flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, and more. They also offer great deals and sales, making them the go-to dispensary for many Chula Vista locals and tourists. You can shop in-store, order for pick-up, or have your goods delivered online.

Mercy Wellness

Mercy Wellness Logo

Conveniently located along Redwood Drive in Cotati, Mercy Wellness stands out as a premier dispensary with a welcoming, down-to-earth atmosphere. They provide an extensive selection of cannabis products — ranging from edibles and cartridges to flowers and pre-rolls — along with a wide range of brands and strains.

Aside from their impressive inventory, many loyal customers also note their excellent customer service and spot-on product recommendations. When shopping here, you can browse in-store, opt for pick-up, or have your items delivered.


Tropicana dispensary logo

Spotting Tropicanna is easy — just look for the eye-catching mint green building along Grand Avenue, Santa Ana. When you go through its doors, you're greeted by a vibrant, Miami-inspired tropical pool store layout decked out with bright pinks and greens. Aesthetics aside, Tropicanna boasts an impressive range of products, particularly notable for their edibles and drinks, offered at competitive prices.

Plus, their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer recommendations and guidance, making it a welcoming environment for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike. If you’re shopping here, keep an eye out for their daily deals, which can help you save some cash. Lastly, you can shop here in multiple ways: in-store, pick-up, and online delivery.


Wonderland Cannabis Dispensary Logo

Wonderland provides a relaxed yet sophisticated cannabis shopping experience with its chill, urban vibe and aesthetics. Located along Venice Boulevard, the dispensary has a spacious and meticulously organized layout for easy and comfortable shopping, complemented by ample parking amenities. Customers are spoiled for choice with Wonderland’s extensive product range, featuring popular brands and strains.

It has a loyal customer base for its competitive pricing, weekly promotions, and customer rewards program. They also have approachable and knowledgeable staff who can provide great insights and product recommendations. While online delivery isn't available, you can shop in-store or schedule for pick-up via ordering on their website.

The Apothecarium

The Apothecarium logo

The Apothecarium has four locations across California, with its flagship store positioned along San Francisco's vibrant Market Street. Awarded as the nation's best-designed dispensary by Architectural Digest, the Apothecarium is known for its sleek, modern design with cool colors, wooden fixtures, and comfortable seating areas for socializing.

They carry an extensive inventory of premium cannabis brands and products, including flowers, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and more. The dispensary prides itself on exceptional customer service, with customers consistently praising the friendly and straightforward advice and recommendations they receive. Aside from shopping in-store, they also offer home delivery and in-store pick-up.

ERBA Markets

Erba markets logo

With premium product selection and impressive customer service, ERBA Markets is a must-visit dispensary when in California. They have four locations across California, with their flagship store in West LA along Pico Boulevard. Customers consistently rave about the friendly and helpful customer service, often feeling like VIPs during their visits. What's more, ERBA Markets offers enticing daily deals, including buy-one-get-one offers and substantial discounts, so it's worth checking their website regularly for the latest promotions.

They even host special promotions and happy hour deals to sweeten the pot. Plus, for added convenience, ERBA Markets provides curbside pick-ups and home delivery, with same-day delivery available. Best of all, their delivery service is free, with no minimum orders, setting them apart from other dispensaries.

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