The Best Dispensaries In Las Vegas - Our Top Picks

The Best Dispensaries In Las Vegas - Our Top Picks

The Sin City has it all; the sights, sounds, dazzling nightlife — and a bustling cannabis scene to boot. After the rush of casinos and shows, many locals and tourists find themselves relaxing and unwinding by visiting the many weed dispensaries dotting Las Vegas.

If you're in the city and looking to sample what these dispensaries have to offer, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll dive intothe best dispensaries in Las Vegas, showcasing where you can find top-quality products and excellent service.

The best weed dispensaries in Las Vegas

Las Vegas weed dispensaries


Pisos dispensary logo

Pisos is your go-to spot if you're looking for a trendy, urban-style dispensary with a relaxing vibe. Located along Maryland Parkway, Pisos offers a massive selection of both recreational and medicinal cannabis products. Their menu consists of over 50 strains and an impressive range of pre-rolls, vaporizers, edibles, tinctures, and more.

Notably, Pisos boasts a variety of concentrates and is home to the award-winning Jack Herer concentrate, which bagged 1st place in the 2016 Cannabis Cup. For convenience, they accept curbside pickups, in-store purchases, and online deliveries for orders over $75, with a VIP delivery service available for orders exceeding $250.


Reef dispensary logo

Just blocks from the iconic Vegas Strip, Reef Dispensary is a 24/7 haven for cannabis enthusiasts. This dispensary offers a broad array of marijuana goodies ranging from pre-rolls to vapes and edibles. It's also renowned for its competitive prices and enticing deals.

What sets Reef apart is their own line of medicinal weed strains, which they manufacture in their own labs. They get a lot of customers from all around the world for their consistent top-notch customer service, from entry to checkout. Reef provides curb-side pickup, in-store purchases, and online deliveries for orders of $80 or more.


Thrive cannabis logo

With multiple 24/7 locations around Las Vegas, it’s not hard to believe that Thrive is the largest independently owned cannabis company in Nevada. The shop’s chill ambiance creates a welcoming environment that even first-time buyers will find comforting. As for Thrive regulars, it’s the dispensary’s attentive customer service and the affordable deals and discounts that keep them coming back.

Budget shoppers also enjoy Thrive’s loyalty program that rewards purchases with points redeemable for perks. Aside from all that, the dispensary offers a stellar selection of products and brands, with convenient options for pick-ups, in-store purchases, and online delivery.

The Grove

The Grove logo

Located just a stone's throw from the bustling Las Vegas casinos and attractions, The Grove is a great quick stop if you're coming straight from the airport and in need of some cannabis. This dispensary is open 24/7 and features an impressive array of products, offering more than 40 popular cannabis brands.

The staff here are not only friendly but also knowledgeable, ready to provide top-notch recommendations. When going here, be sure to check out their daily and delivery deals for some great savings. Whether you're picking up an order, opting for delivery, or shopping in-store, The Grove has got you covered.


Jardin dispensary logo

If you're looking for a touch of luxury in your cannabis shopping experience, Jardin is the place to go. Jardin offers high-quality, premium recreational and medicinal cannabis products, including a wide array of concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, vaporizers, and topicals.

The staff here are not just friendly—they're well-trained and knowledgeable with expert recommendations tailored to your needs. In fact, many customers describe their experience as being treated like a VIP. They also offer a membership program, which offers exclusive discounts and complimentary gifts.


Showgrow logo

Located on Fort Apache Road, ShowGrow is a 24/7 cannabis dispensary that offers more than just convenience. With a broad selection of products ranging from flowers and pre-rolls to cartridges, topicals, and edibles, they cater to cannabis enthusiasts with different tastes. A standout feature of this shop is their stellar customer service, with many first-time and repeat customers attesting to it.

If you're looking to get a little extra from your visits, their loyalty program allows you to collect points and stamps, which you can exchange for rewards. They also offer curbside pick-up, in-store shopping, and online delivery (with express options available for those in a hurry).

Planet 13

Planet 13 logo

Planet 13 isn't just a dispensary — it's an experience. Known as the largest cannabis dispensary in the world, this 112,000-square-foot complex feels more like a theme park for cannabis enthusiasts. As soon as you step inside, you're greeted with bright lights, interactive displays, and a fun vibe. With such a big building, they have a vast range of products and brands.

Now, their wide selection may seem daunting, but fortunately, they have expert, friendly staff to guide you and help you select products. If you just want to relax and meet new people, Planet 13 has a licensed consumption lounge where you can smoke and mingle. Another thing worth checking out is their loyalty membership, where you can check daily deals and discounts. Lastly, Planet 13 offers both in-store shopping and online shopping.

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