5 Best Pre-Roll Brands To Pick Up On Your Next Dispensary Visit

5 Best Pre-Roll Brands To Pick Up On Your Next Dispensary Visit

Pre-rolls are ready-to-smoke weed joints that come in a convenient package. A fantastic choice for both cannabis novices and seasoned smokers, pre-rolls offer an easy, no-fuss option that cuts down the time spent rolling.

With the subsequent boom of cannabis after legalization, the surge of new cannabis brands on the market has led to an ever-growing array of pre-roll options. Whether you're curious about trying pre-rolls for the first time or you're on the hunt for a better brand, we've got you covered. Here’s our list of the best pre-roll brands worth giving a try.

The best pre-roll brands

Botany Farms

Botany Farms Pre Rolls
Photo: Botany Farms

Based out of Minnesota, Botany Farms is known for their premium craft cannabis products. They source their cannabis from a select group of micro-farms across the United States, ensuring each bud is free from pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals.

They have a diverse variety of pre-rolls, consisting of THC, CBD, Delta 8, and CBG options with unique potency and flavor profiles. With their commitment to sustainable cannabis growing practices and diverse offerings, Botany Farms is a fantastic brand for a great pre-roll experience.

Plain Jane

Plain Jane Pre Rolls
Photo: Plain Jane

Plain Jane’s company mission is clear: provide accessible and affordable high-quality CBD products. Situated in the lush green landscape of Oregon, Plain Jane adopts a holistic approach to hemp and CBD products, only sourcing their cannabis from small American-owned family farms.

They specialize in hemp pre-rolls, which are a great option for those who prefer the milder and less psychoactive effects of hemp compared to traditional cannabis. In our book, their commitment to holistic, quality products at reasonable prices sets Plain Jane apart in the crowded cannabis market.

Glass House Farms

Glass House Pre Rolls
Photo: Glass House Farms

Operating out of California, Glass House Farms cultivates their own cannabis using sustainable cannabis growing methods — and have even earned awards for them. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices is also evident in their packaging, which utilizes recycled ocean plastics for their pre-roll tubes.

Glass House Farms offers a range of THC and CBD pre-rolls, as well as pre-rolls infused with live resin and diamonds. It’s on our pre-rolls-to-try list as they have a loyal customer base for their flavorful, smooth hits and potent effects.

Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms Pre rolls
Photo: Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms has its roots in California, where they’ve made their mark on the pre-rolls scene. Known for their artisanal craft cannabis products, Lowell Farms carved out a niche for themselves with their distinctive retro-style packing and high-quality buds, emphasizing no trims or shakes.

They offer a wide variety of single and packed pre-rolls offered in a range of strains, available at over 350 dispensaries across the state. They also have a premium line-up known as Lowell 35’s, which they claim to provide a superior smoking experience.


Bloomz Cannabis pre roll
Photo: Bloomz

Bloomz is a Los Angeles-based company that sources its high-quality, CBD-rich cannabis from reputable hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado. Known for their potent and fragrant pre-rolls, Bloomz offers a smooth and clean buzz that has made them a popular choice among smokers.

To ensure safety and quality, Bloomz commits to third-party lab testing, solidifying their reputation as a reliable brand in customers’ eyes. They’re known for their potent THCA pre-rolls, which are a great option for those with higher THC tolerance or those looking for stronger hits. Another thing we like about Bloomz is that their pre-rolls come in a wide range of unique flavors, adding a fun twist to your smoking experience.

Frequently asked questions

Which pre-roll is the best?

There’s no definitive "best" pre-roll since everyone has different preferences regarding cannabis. The best way to find the right pre-roll for you is by exploring various brands and products. While starting with the brands we mentioned in our list is a good start, what's most important is that you find a pre-roll that you can enjoy. 

What is the most potent infused pre-roll?

When it comes to potent infused pre-rolls, our pick is Glass House Farms for their live resin and diamonds-infused pre-rolls. However, keep in mind that THC tolerance varies from person to person. To find the most satisfying potency for you, we recommend you try different brands and products for that perfect hit you're after.

Who makes the best quality pre-rolls?

All the brands featured in our list are known for producing high-quality pre-rolls that are definitely worth considering. However, the cannabis market is vast, and there are many other excellent brands out there offering quality pre-rolls. We recommend exploring different brands and products to find ones that can deliver best pre-roll smoking experience for you.

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