How to Vape - The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Vaping

Learn how to vape and change your smoking game forever. Quicker than rolling up and smoother than even your bong, vaping dry herb or concentrate is a convenient, customizable, and effective way to consume cannabis. 

This article will walk you through the ultimate beginner’s guide to vaping. Below, you’ll read about how to decide what vaping device to use and how to effectively use your device once you decide. Read on to become a vape expert in no time. 

How do I start vaping?

People turn to vaping for many reasons. Vaping devices are far more discrete and portable than pipes, bongs, and rigs. Additionally, vaping your dry herb and wax rather than smoking it produces a far less harsh--and, yes, therefore, a bit more discrete--odor. 

To start vaping, all you have to do is decide what you want to vape and how you want to vape it. 

Vaping Wax/THC Concentrate

If dabs are your thing, look for one of two set-ups. You can load your dabs into a device yourself, or you can buy a battery to use with pre-made cartridges of THC concentrate. 

If you’re looking to add wax directly to a device, there are plenty of options on the market. These devices are batteries equipped with a coil that heats up to melt and vaporize your wax at a high temperature. These devices typically come with a charger and a portable dab tool to make loading your wax simple. 

If you prefer concentrate without the hassle of loading it yourself, THC cartridges are the way to go. All you need is a cartridge and a battery that is compatible to fit with it (501-thread is the standard). Cartridges can either be purchased at a dispensary or filled at home DIY-style. For this avenue, abuild-it-yourself kit like Vessel’s is a super convenient way to acquire everything you need to start vaping. Their kit lets you pick a battery suitable for your needs: choose between the wider, heftier Compass or a variety of sleeker pen-style batteries. 

Vessel also lets you match your battery to a carrying case, which has space for your cartridges, your pen, and your charging port. Speaking of charging ports, the kit comes with a magnetic charging station that allows quick, seamless charging with one simple click. This kit provides everything but the cartridge: battery, charger, and protective case. 

Vaping Dry Herb/Flower

If flower is more your speed, there are load-it-yourself devices compatible with dry herb. Like the devices made for wax, these batteries come equipped with a chamber--often called an oven--where you can pack your herb. The chamber is heated by the battery, allowing terpenes and cannabinoids to be combusted and activated without burning the flower. Rather, vapor is produced. These devices often come with their own chargers as well.

Once you decide which style of vape is suitable for your preferences, your next step is learning how to use your specific device. 

How to vape

Once you decide that you want to start, learning how to vape is a quick, easy journey. Follow the steps below to feel like a vaping veteran in no time. 

1. Do your research 

You made it to this article--great work. From here, it’s time to decide what you want your vaping experience to look like. Do you want to load dry herb or wax directly into a device? Do you want to purchase a battery and cartridges or fill your own oil cartridges?  Ask yourself these questions to decide on a method that works for you. 

2. Charge your device

Once you have your device, you need to make sure it powers on. Though some devices come with some charge initially, ensure longer life by charging your device before you use it. Be careful not to overcharge: doing so (even just overnight) can cause damage to your battery. Extend the lifetime of your battery by only charging until your device indicates that it has a full battery. 

3. Load your device 

Again, this step can look a number of different ways depending on your preference. Screw on your cartridge, pack your flower or load your dab into your device. 

4. Power on and heat the device 

Turn your device on according to the directions and let it preheat. Adjust the heat setting according to your preference: play around with the different features until you find something that is suitable for your tastes: varying the heat can impact flavor, harshness, and cloud size. 

5. Take a hit 

Figure out if your device is triggered by inhaling or if you need to press a button to hit it.  Inhale while drawing slowly from the mouthpiece. Savor the flavor. Exhale.  

6. Repeat

Keep puffing until you’re satisfied. 

7. Clean your device 

If applicable, dispose of the spent flower. Run a cotton swab through the chamber to get out any debris. Soak the cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol if you’re vaping wax to get out any tough resin. 

Vaping rather than smoking makes for a smoother, cleaner experience compared to different smoking methods. If you want to reap the benefits of vaping, learning how to vape is step one. 


Are you supposed to inhale on a vape?

The most effective way to vape THC is to inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. By bypassing your mouth, the smoke enters your lungs directly, affecting your body faster. 

How long do you inhale on a vape? 

The length of your hit is all about comfort and preference. Typical hits last about 3-5 seconds, depending on how big of a hit you want to take. 

How to vape safely? 

Research about vaping is still young. Vape safely by getting your herb, concentrate, and cartridges from a trusted source and using your device only according to its instructions. Keeping your device clean will help eliminate the transfer of harmful bacteria and other germs.

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