Best Cart Battery - How to Choose One

Finding the best cart battery to fit your preferences is easy and straightforward. Whether you're a cloud chaser or a flavor connoisseur, finding this perfect cart battery can lead to the ultimate customized dabbing experience. 

Read ahead to learn all about what a cart battery is, how it works, and how to choose the battery that best fits your needs. 

What is a cart battery?

A cart battery is used with a cartridge to take vaporizing on the go. These cartridges can contain a range of substances, from THC andCBD to nicotine or essential oils. 

However, frequently referred to as “dab pens,” these batteries are often used with cartridges that contain THC concentrate. When the battery is turned on, its voltage heats up the wick within the cartridge, which in turn heats up the concentrate. This heat vaporizes theterpenes andcannabinoids from the concentrate, allowing users to take quick, easy dabs anywhere and anytime without compromising their high. 

In short, cart batteries help to makedabbing portable and convenient, giving users a discrete way to get high from just about anywhere. 

Does it matter what battery you use for carts?

Yes, the battery you choose for your carts does matter. Whenpurchasing a battery, make sure to pay attention to how the battery is threaded. 

Most cartridges are510-threaded, meaning they’ll only attach to batteries that are compatible with this particular thread. Nevertheless, just as batteries come in multiple shapes and sizes, so do cartridges. 

If you’d like the versatility to purchase any size cartridge, look for a battery with an adjustable cart port. Otherwise, talk to your friends at your localdispensary before purchasing a cartridge: make sure it’s compatible with your battery’s specific connection. 

Best cart battery: How to choose

With so many batteries and cartridges on the market, it may be hard to determine which is the best cart battery for you. When buying a cart battery for the very first time, consider these four factors: price range, size, voltage, and other features for your convenience. 

Price Range

The price range of cart batteries can range anywhere from $15 to $100. If you determine your ideal price range before shopping for the best cart battery for you, the rest of the features will fall into place. 

Simpler batteries typically range anywhere from $15-$22. These typically sport one button that serves as the battery’s on/off switch, switches between voltage settings, and allows the user to pull from the device. Batteries in this price range are usually the typical pen shape and size: slender and able to fit in any pocket. 

More complex batteries typically range anywhere from $25-$100. These batteries generally have a wider range of voltage settings, a longer battery life, and a larger array of convenience features for the user. These batteries are generally bigger than your average dab pen and might sport a boxier look. 


Hand in hand with the price range, consider the size of your battery before making a purchase. 

Larger batteries don’t just boast a longer battery life: they also typically have a wider range of voltage settings. This feature lets you customize your experience for the ultimate dab, allowing you to prioritize either flavor or vapor. 

Smaller batteries might have a shorter lifespan, but they surely have benefits of their own. Often more sleek and slender than a bigger, boxier battery,smaller batteries are decidedly more discrete. Slip them just about anywhere, and take your dabs everywhere. 


Adjustable voltage is one of the biggest features to consider when picking the best cart battery for your tastes. After all, voltage determines the heat of your dabs: just like you’d customize your heat by torching your nail and letting it cool to an ideal temperature, adjusting the voltage on your battery determines the flavor of your dab and the amount of vapor produced. 

If you’re someone who prefers more flavorful dabs with less vapor, look for a battery with lower voltage settings. You don’t need your battery to produce crazy amounts of power if you’re looking to taste all the terpenes. 

On the opposite end, if big clouds are more your speed, you might consider looking for a larger, more powerful battery. More heat on your concentrate means more vapor produced, allowing you to take huge hits and exhale bigger clouds. 

If you are instead looking for the perfect balance that produces lots of vapor without compromising flavor, look for a battery that has at least the following voltage range: 2.8V - 3.5V is said to be the ideal range to maximize both taste and clouds. 

Convenience Features 

Some cart batteries come with a number of cool, convenient features (and, as a result, probably a higher price point). 

These more advanced devices might generally be more versatile and customizable; they might not only have a wider range of voltage settings, but they could also have a more precise way to choose voltage, rather than 3-5 pre-determined heat settings. 

Also, these devices could come with an adjustable attachment to fit any cartridge: while you might be paying a couple more bucks, you’ll have the freedom to purchase and use any size cartridge on the market. 

Additionally, some cart batteries are equipped with an easy-viewing screen that displays voltage, battery life, and heat settings. If you’re the type for precise customization, this screen is extremely helpful for getting to know your dab preferences. 

To sum it up

Finding the best cart battery for you doesn’t have to be frustrating. Considering what features you want out of your battery can lead to the perfect, customizable and portable dab experience: think it over and find a battery that works best for you. 


What kind of batteries do carts need?

Depending on the thread connection of your cart, you need a battery that will fit with that particular size. Otherwise, you just need a battery that will heat up your cart—it’s up to you to decide what other features you want your battery to have! 

Do cart batteries last forever? 

Unfortunately no, cart batteries don’t last forever. These batteries can last anywhere from 6-12 months to years if you take care to make them last. 

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