Can You Bring a Weed Grinder in a Checked or Carry On Bag?

If you’re a smoker who likes to travel, you have probably asked the following question: can you bring a weed grinder in a checked bag or carry-on bag? This article addresses this very mystery: read on to learn whether you can bring your grinder with you on a flight and, if so, the best way to pack it in your luggage.

Can you fly with a weed grinder?

A weed grinder (likethis three-compartment one from Vessel) is an essential in any cannabis lover’s toolbox. It breaks down your weed into a finer, workable consistency, ensuring an even burn when you smoke. It’s useful to have with you everywhere you go. But can you take it on a flight with you? 

The simple answer to this question is yes. Though flying with marijuana isillegal, clean paraphernalia like grinders, pipes, and bongs can technically come with you on your flight. Grinders, in particular, can be used for spices and other herbs. Therefore, they can typically make it through airport security. 

However, to ensure a seamless and stress-free flight, make sure that your grinder isspotless before packing it in your luggage. Particularly when you’re flying into states where marijuana is not recreationally legal, this is an essential step. All paraphernalia must be clean of any weed (even that tough gunky build-up) before you fly. 

If you’d like more specifics about what can or cannot come with you on a flight, TSA offers an extensive list on their website. Check out the listhere

Can you bring a weed grinder in checked luggage?

Bringing your clean grinder in your checked luggage is generally a safe bet. As noted above, clean grinders are not considered illegal paraphernalia. 

Additionally, TSA hasofficially gone out of their way to communicate that they do not search specifically for marijuana or paraphernalia related to weed. Rather, if illegal substances or paraphernalia are discovered, TSA officers are required to report it to local law enforcement. 

With this option, however, you do risk getting your bag searched. Random bag searches can result in your grinder being confiscated and disposed of, with a possible fine if it contains a significant amount of substances. 

Can you bring a weed grinder in your carry-on luggage?

Yes, you can bring a weed grinder in your carry-on luggage. It needs to be clean and free of any debris, resin, or build-up. Again, cleaning your grinder beforehand is an essential step.  Particularly if you’re flying into a state or country where marijuana is not legal to consume, your grinder should be spotless before you pack it into your luggage. (Checkhere if recreational or medical marijuana is legal in the state you’re traveling to.)

Nevertheless, a clean grinder will make it through security if it is evident that you aren’t using it for illegal drugs. In fact, being able to actively show a TSA officer that your grinder is clean might be a more convenient, less invasive option than having your checked bag searched. 

Can you bring a weed grinder on an international flight?

This question is a little more complicated. The answer is: it depends. Because countries each have their own unique travel restrictions, double-check the rules and do your research before you pack your grinder.

When traveling internationally, it may be worth purchasing a cheap, throw-away grinder once you get there to tide you over until you return home. 

Tips for bringing a weed grinder on a plane

Though traveling with a clean grinder is legal, some practices will ensure an easier flight. The following tips will help you to pack your grinder safely while remaining stress-free. 

When in doubt, clean it out. 

Even when flying between states where marijuana is recreationally and medicinally legal, make sure to clean out your grinder before you fly. Because weed is still illegal on the federal level, it is considered a subject 1 substance. Essentially, this legality means that weed cannot be taken on a plane, even in those states where weed is completely legal. 

To avoid any hassle, clean your grinder before you pack it into your carry-on or checked bags. Start by popping your grinder in the freezer for a couple of hours: this step will help you knock or scrape loose marijuana build-up around the edge of your grinder. After a thorough pre-clean, place your disassembled grinder in a zipping sandwich bag and submerge it in isopropyl alcohol. Add a healthy spoonful of coarse salt and a little bit of hot water, and shake the bag to mix it all together. Let the grinder soak for a couple of hours, and rinse using hot water. Use a cotton swab to wipe off any remaining residue, and repeat this process until your grinder is sparkling. 

Though taking an illegal substance through the airport can result in a fine or jail time, if your weed still has resin or built-up weed caked on its walls, it’s more likely to just get taken from you and disposed of. Don’t risk it though, clean your grinder before you fly.

Disassemble your grinder.

To make sure it gets through security, another tip is to disassemble your grinder before packing it. Try taking apart your grinder and packing each compartment somewhere different in your luggage. This way, your grinder is far less likely to flag any metal detectors, and your bag is less likely to be searched. Disassembled and spread throughout your bag, your grinder no longer looks or acts like paraphernalia.

Take your grinder in your carry-on. 

As we noted earlier, it’s smarter to take your (clean, disassembled) grinder through airport security in your carry-on than your checked bag. Your checked bag is more likely to be randomly searched: if you have your grinder in your carry-on, you can show your TSA officer that it’s clean, resin-free, and not being used for illegal substances. 

To sum it up: Can you fly with a weed grinder?

In summary, yes, flying with your weed grinder is generally safe. Make sure your grinder is clean, and do your research when flying internationally.

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