How to Roll a Swisher Blunt - The Right Way

How to Roll a Swisher Blunt - The Right Way

Wondering how to roll a Swisher? Rolling a Swisher blunt isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s a tried and true way to smoke cannabis, and after these tips, you’ll be a pro. 

How to Roll a Swisher

Step 1: Grinding your Cannabis

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Using a grinder or bare hands, you can reduce the cannabis to a consistency comparable to a shake. By grinding the cannabis beforehand, the burn will be more consistent. It’s more common to use one's hands, and many individuals prefer this method because it allows the blunt to burn gradually.

Step 2: Prepare the Blunt Wrap

You can find Swisher Sweets in nearly every convenience store. Depending on your skill, you can "crack" the blunt with your fingers or use a razor blade to cut it in half along its lengthwise axis. After the blunt is cut in half, the inside tobacco can be scraped and discarded.

Step 3: Wet the Tobacco Wrapper

If you moisten the blunt wrap with water before emptying it or rolling it, you will find it much easier to work with. In addition, this will prevent the blunt wrap from developing small tears. Even though your saliva is sufficient to solve this problem, you should avoid swallowing it.


It’s common practice to dip one's finger in a glass of water before rolling a blunt for another person. This prevents the blunt from adhering to the user's finger. This is done out of courtesy to the opposing party. You won't have to worry about the blunt sticking to your finger if you do this.

Step 4: Filling it up

You should grind some cannabis and fill the empty tobacco wrapper with it. This will increase the utility of the wrapper. One to two grams of tobacco is sufficient to produce a standard-sized blunt. 

Step 5: Rolling the blunt wrap

It’s necessary to roll the cannabis between your fingers to pack the blunt evenly. Caution is advised because the wrapping could become brittle if it’s not kept sufficiently moist. When the blunt has been shaped and packed, the wrap should be tucked under the exposed edge and moistened. Applying pressure with your fingers should help smooth out the wrinkles.

Step 6: Bake or seal the blunt

After you haverolled your blunt, the next step is to "bake" it, also known as drying it out, to ensure that it remains intact and burns evenly. When you want to bake it,hold a lit lighter under the seam and around the outside of the blunt. 


You must remember that the actual flame on the lighter is not what you are after. Instead, what you are after is the heat it produces. Now that you've lit the other end of your freshly rolled blunt, you can pass it to your friends and let them join in.

What is a Swisher Blunt?

Swisher is technically a tobacco company that has been around for decades. For years, cannabis users have been buying Swisher blunts, cutting them open, removing the tobacco, adding in cannabis flower, rolling them up again, and enjoying a smoke sesh. 

What do you need to roll a swisher?

Collecting the supplies needed is the first step in rolling a blunt. These include:

  • A Swisher blunt
  • Cannabis - your strain of choice
  • Grinder
  • Razor Blade (Optional) - this can be useful for cracking open cigars but is not required for blunt wraps.

You are free to use any cigar you desire, but rolling a dry cigar will be more complex and more likely to break. These days, blunt wraps, which are essentially one large tobacco rolling paper, are available at most convenience stores. A blunt wrap is essentially a single, larger, version of rolling paper.


How do you roll the perfect Swisher?

When it comes to learning how to roll a blunt, there are primarily two methods. Utilizing cigars that are easily accessible and can be bought is an essential component of the traditional method. You can also purchase blunt wraps that have already been prepared, which will save you time if this is the method you prefer to use.

How do you open a Swisher?

Split the swisher in half lengthwise with a razor blade, or "crack" it with your fingers if you've got a skillful touch. Either way, as long as the cigar is not damaged during the opening part, that is the most important thing to remember when opening a cigar.

How do you remove tobacco from a Swisher?

First, crack the swisher with your fingers or cut it in half lengthwise with a razor, and then remove the tobacco from the middle of the swisher. After you have removed the tobacco from the center, it’s up to you to decide whether you would like to keep the remainder of the tobacco to use for smoking or whether you would simply like to throw it away.

Which end of a Swisher do you light?

When lighting it, it’s always a good idea to burn the flattened end of a Swisher or other cigar. On the other hand, you cut it so that the rounded edge is exposed and then smoke from that end.


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