Games to Play When High

Getting stoned is something that’s fun in itself, but once you’re high, you might be thinking, “now what?”. Maybe you’ll turn on some music, draw, or throw on a movie, but an even more fun idea is to whip out your favorite game after indulging in some herb. Below, you’ll find 15 games to play while high either solo or with a group of friends after your sesh.


Everything is more fun while you’re high…


And playing these games makes your experience more enjoyable if you’re solo and even more laughable with a group of friends. Weed can put you in the mode if you’re playing a video game and trying to hit that next level and can make little things seem hilarious if you’re in a group!


If you try any of these games, you’re guaranteed to have a blast!


There are so many options to pick from, but to start, we will talk about some good ol’ board games which can make for a great party favor.


Best games to play while high

1.  Ganjaland

Ganjaland is a spin-off of the popular board game Candyland to be enjoyed with your favorite weed-smoking friends.


This is a game you can play with up to 8 people if you’re looking for a fun board game about weed! It takes you on an adventure throughout the 420- themed Ganjaland. To play, you will set up the board and shuffle the deck of cards. You’ll pull a card from the deck when it’s your turn and move your character piece accordingly to the card. The objective is to be the first player to land on the bud brick, so you want to move your character piece through the board as quickly as you can. Whoever wins becomes The Royal Highness of Ganjaland and gets to wear the crown that comes with the board game!


2.  Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a modern classic when it comes to group board games. 


In order to play this game, you will have to shuffle and evenly distribute the cards in the shape of a hexagon. Next, place the water ports around these cards. You can follow the video for an easy setup. 


The objective of this game is to be the first person to have 10 victory points.  This is an awesome game that can take up most of your night without you realizing! It’s all about buying and trading. This is a great option to play when you’re high because of the creativity and storyline that goes along with it. 

3.  Azul

Azul is a classic strategy board game that allows for your creative side to come out. 


Basically, players become artisans with this game tasked with creating beautiful tiled mosaics. You want to compete with your group for the highest score. It’s a great option while you’re high because of the creativeness that’s allowed in the game. 


4.  Mouse Trap

Mouse trap is a game that can be played with 2-4 players. 


Players are working together to build a mousetrap, then they turn against each other to catch the mouse of their opponent. This 3-dimensional game is one that takes a lot of teamwork, but it’s very fun once the board is put together!


Next up, there are video games that are a great choice when high. 


5. Animal Crossing

This is a video game that can be played on most consoles and brings you on a nice trip through nature. 


This is an animated game that you can play solo after smoking, and it brings you on a nice trip through a village where you can interact with other animals in the game. It’s a great choice if you want a peaceful solo high. 


6.  Mario Kart

This Nintendo game is a classic for all video game players. 


This is a great game that you can play on your own or with up to 3 other players. It’s an animated racing game, so you can pick different tracks to enjoy while you’re playing. 


7.  Rockband

This game will let you bring out your rocker side!


Rockband is a game you can play with others or by yourself. You are basically performing different songs on different levels, like beginner, intermediate, or advanced, depending on how hard you want to go. This is great after you smoke because you can play smooth, mellow songs on your own, or you can rock out with a group of friends. 


8.  Grand Theft Auto

GTA is an infamous game that lets the player complete missions and run from cops after committing a crime. 


Grand Theft Auto is a game that follows one main character around as he completes missions in the city. There are different versions of this game offering settings of New York City, San Andreas, and Miami. Basically, Nico is the player that’s completing these missions for money or drugs. It’s a great game while high because it offers an interesting storyline with fun missions. 


9.  Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is another Nintendo game that’s a fan favorite!


In this game, you can play with yourself or with an opponent. It’s a fighting game where you’re fighting in the storyline to make it to the next level. You want to eliminate your opponents in this competitive game so you can move on with the storyline. 


Next up, we have card games and other types of games you can play with friends after your sesh.  


10.  Jenga

Jenga is a game of skill played with wooden blocks. 


With this game, you will set up a pile of wooden blocks that come with your  Jenga game. You are playing against others in trying to pull out wooden sticks from the pile without knocking the whole thing over. The objective is not to knock the pile over, or else you lose. This is great to play while high because it requires a lot of concentration, and it’s funny to see your competitor lose and the whole pile knocked over!


11.  Take a hit when…

A game that can be played anywhere, at any time.


This is a game where you and one or more friends will decide when another player has to take a hit. I like to play this one when watching a movie with a group of friends. For example, anytime I see someone in the movie wearing a green shirt, I have to take a hit. It’s fun because some people may end up hitting the bowl a lot more than others!


12.  Never have I ever

This is a classic game that can be enjoyed from high school into adulthood.


With never have I ever, you are naming things that you have never done hoping that your friends have. If you are in the group and someone says “never have I ever been to Paris” but you have been to Paris, that means you have to take a hit. It’s a game that lets you get high while getting to know the friends around you. 


13.  Chicago 

A smoker’s fan favorite. 


Chicago is a game that can get you super high, so be wary! Basically, you are sitting in a circle with your friends with a joint orweed pen. The person who takes the first hit needs to hold their smoke in until the joint makes it back to them. This is known as the one hit Chicago. 


14.  Beer Pong

If you want to drink beer while you're high, this is the game for you.


With beer pong, you will need at least one opponent, but you can have two per team. You will need a long table and ten red solo cups set up on each side of the table with a little bit of beer in them. The objective of this game is to throw ping pong balls into your opponent’s cup so they have to drink the beer. The first team to hit all of the cups is the winner. 

15. Uno

Uno is a game that you can play in a big or a small group.


With Uno, you will need a deck of cards shuffled. Every player gets 7 cards to start. One card will be put down in the middle face up, and then each player will go around in rotation and place the same color or number card on top of that card. This game can get really competitive because there are 4+ cards, reverse, and more! 



To sum it up


Having games to smoke while high or while getting high makes the experience much better! Whether it’s by yourself or smoking with friends, these options will ensure you have a lot of fun during your high!


Frequently asked questions

What is fun to do while stoned?

You can play different games, go on a hike, hang out with friends, or do something creative like drawing or painting. 

Does being high make your game better?

Being high makes everything more fun, especially with friends, so it will definitely make the games more laughable!

What games to play when high online?

You can play Sims online, which is where you are creating different houses and characters and having them interact. 

Best iPhone games to play while high?

A popular iPhone game to play is Among Us, which is a game you can play alone or with friends.

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