How to Smoke Weed Inside Without The Smell

There are plenty of tools and tricks to learn about smoking inside while preventing the smell of weed from lingering in your home.

Of course, the best way to get rid of that smell is to smoke outside because the smoke isn’t trapped, but on those rainy days, you might just want to light up in the comfort of your own home.

Luckily, there are plenty of methods to minimize the smell or get rid of it while still being able to get a great high. 

Here’s how to smoke weed inside without the smell

1.  Be Aware That the Smoke Sticks to You

It’s important to note that smoke sticks to you, so you can limit that direct contact by:

  • Tying back long hair so it’s not in your face near the smoke
  • Taking off any loose clothing items like jackets, flannels, sweatshirts
  • If you can, try to change your clothes before you leave the house so your clothes don’t smell like weed

This is important because when you smoke and leave the house directly after, the smell of weed will linger with you.

But, if you utilize the tools of keeping your hair out of your face and taking off additional clothing items like jackets and hoodies, you will minimize the smell sticking to your body. 

2. Turn on an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are so important because they help get rid of the smell. 

Basically, air purifiers pull the air in from the environment and filter out any air that is deemed as impure. The weed smoke would go into the air purifier then be filtered out, being produced as fresh air with no smell. It makes a very noticeable difference in the smell of the room once the air is filtered out and odors dissipate in the filter vent. Additionally, air purifiers can filter out any harmful bacteria in the air, so they’re helpful overall to get rid of unwanted particles and odors. 

It is recommended to use a HEPA filter with charcoal-based filters because of their efficacy. 

3. Close the Vents in the Room You’re Smoking in

This is a major way to stop smoke from spreading to the rest of the house. 

If you close your vent, the smoke will stay in that room and won’t be able to travel to other rooms in the house through the vents. The spreading of weed smoke happens very quickly if it goes into the vents and it can make the whole house smell in a matter of minutes. 

Most air vents have small levers that you can push up and down which opens and closes the vent. If yours does not have that, you can cover the vent by taping a plastic bag over it, or by taping a piece of paper over it. It’s just important to make sure no smoke can get into the vent.

4.  Open a Window

If you are smoking inside and can close your vents, you will need to have a place for that trapped smoke to go.

This is why it’s so important to open up a window. If you don’t open a window, the smoke will stick to everything in your room (including you) and it will start to reek of weed. If you’re trying to smoke without anyone knowing, it’s extremely important to open a window so the smoke can escape outside. 

5. Put a Wet Towel Against the Bottom Crack of your Door

Smoke doesn’t only travel through vents, but it can escape into the rest of the house through the bottom of your door if it’s uncovered while smoking. 

Smoke will travel into the house through any open crevice or crack, so it’s important that everything is covered. The key to making sure no smoke goes under your door is a wet towel. By getting a towel, soaking it with water, and rolling it up to fit against the bottom of your door, you can stop smoke from escaping. If you cover your vent and open a window, make sure to cover the bottom of your door with a wet towel so the smoke only has one page to go: outside. 

6. Use a Vape Pen or Edibles

Vape pens and edibles can get you very high without that lingering smell. 

The power of vape pens (found here)has emerged in the last few years and they’ve become the new go-to when it comes to easy, efficient smoking. You only need to hit it a few times to have a great high. They’re quick and easy, and can fit right in your pocket if you need to sneak in a hit or two. 

Along with that, edibles are known to offer a great high with none of the smell that comes with it. You can just pop an edible in and wait for the high to kick in, and no one will even know. You can buy edibles at your local smoke shop. 

7. Mask the Smell

If you follow all of the other steps like opening a window, covering vents and door cracks, it can be helpful to also use something to mask the smell. 

This could be:

  • A candle
  • Spray or plug-in air fresheners
  • Essential oil diffusers

These are so important because they cover up any lingering smell that remains. It’s best to use these methods before you start smoking so the scent has some time to develop and overpower the weed smell. You can leave these running after you’re done to ensure the scent is covered up, but if you’re using a candle, make sure to monitor it. If you’re using a spray air freshener, you can use it before and after. 

To Sum It Up

There are many tools and methods for you to use to cover up that strong weed smell. If you want to light up in your room and hide the smell, make sure to use some of these tips. With them, no one would even know you’re smoking inside.

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