Can You Smoke Weed on Twitch?

A controversial, ever-relevant question: can you smoke weed on Twitch?Twitch’s community guidelines state a mission of safety, where no one participates in illegal or self-hazardous activity. As a result, many streamers are hesitant to smoke weed while streaming. 

This article discusses whether smoking weed while streaming is allowed on Twitch. Though it has never been directly addressed, the company’s discussion of marijuana in its user guidelines, as well as its response to previous users’ smoking on screen, provides insight into whether smoking while streaming is allowed on Twitch. 

Twitch User Guidelines

The rules about smoking weed on Twitch are fairly ambiguous: Twitch has never directly discussed the activity. 

Reading thecommunity guidelines does provide some insight into the question, however. These guidelines state that streamers must “respect all applicable local, national, and international laws” while using their services. They go on to say that “any content or activity featuring, encouraging, or soliciting illegal activity is prohibited.” 

So, if marijuana is legal in your country, it might be safe to smoke on Twitch. However, while weed is recreationally legal in many states, it remains illegal on a federal level in the U.S. Therefore, while it’s probably safe to smoke weed on Twitch in states where weed is legal for recreational use, some ambiguity remains for those smoking in the United States. 

The guidelines also state that players must not participate in “self-destructive behavior,” which the company defines as “activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to suicide threats, intentional physical trauma, use of illegal drugs, and drinking excessively.” Therefore, smoking in excess while streaming on Twitch is not recommended, just as drinking in excess is prohibited on the platform. Any behavior that could be deemed “self-destructive,” like smoking marijuana in excess, should not be done while streaming on Twitch. 

New username rules 

While Twitch hasn’t directly discussed the legality of smoking weed while streaming, they recently came out with new username guidelinesthat seem to touch on the topic. 

These guidelines state that usernames cannot make “references to recreational drugs, hard drugs, and drug abuse.” However, the company takes care to note that this is “with exceptions for alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.” 

The company announced that these efforts were a way to “curb harassment” on their platform.Twitch further clarified that a ban is in place for usernames that constitute “hate speech, threats of violence, and personally identifiable information.” 

Though ambiguity still remains about whether smoking weed on Twitch is allowed, marijuana was placed into a category with other popularly consumed but completely legal drugs. This categorization indicates that Twitch may generally consider marijuana to be a legal drug (as long as it is, in fact, legal in your state). 

Past Examples 

Another piece of evidence to consider when answering the question, “Can you smoke weed on Twitch?” comes down to past examples of people smoking weed on camera. 

Snoop Dogg 

Two days after California legalized recreational marijuana, Snoop Dogg began smoking a blunt while streaming on Twitch. He did so while playing a promotional game calledSOSlive on the platform. 

Snoop’s sparking up, in turn, sparked controversy, causing Twitch users to discuss whether his smoking was technically legal. Ultimately, there was discussion surrounding whether Snoop Dogg should be banned for smoking while streaming. 

Nevertheless, the rapper wasn’t banned from the platform, leading many to infer that it was okay to smoke weed while streaming in states where marijuana is recreationally legal to consume. 

Non-celebrity Streamers 

Nevertheless, Snoop’s pardon for lighting up live didn’t make it okay for everyone. One streamer, in particular, received a message from Twitch discussing their use of marijuana on stream. As theyposted on Reddit in this statement, the company noted that they “discourage broadcasters from the use of marijuana on our services.” However, the statement also noted that “if doing so violates your local laws, causes you to inflict harm upon yourself, or is a focus of your broadcasts, this activity is entirely prohibited from broadcast.” 

Therefore, because the company emphasizes the importance of local laws, many infer that this streamer received this message because marijuana was not legal in their state.

When in doubt, turn to the people: Reddit forums like this one discuss the ins and outs of smoking while streaming, not only on Twitch but on any service. Ultimately, though, Twitch seems like the cleanest platform by far, according to those on Reddit, as smoking marijuana while streaming should only be done where it’s legal locally. 

Tips for Smoking Weed on Twitch 

If you are going to smoke anything on Twitch, make sure you’re only smoking what is legal by your local laws. Otherwise, use the following tips to stay discrete and appropriate when smoking. 

1. Use Mature Content Warnings 

Twitch allows its users to mark their content as mature, labeling it for audiences aged 18 and above. Though this method doesn’t provide a foolproof age screening, it at least provides a warning to audiences that age-restricted activity—like smoking or drinking alcohol—might be ahead. 

2. Don’t Smoke in Excess

Twitch’s community guidelines emphasize safety and positivity: they forbid mention of self-harm or self-destructive behavior. Drinking in excess is prohibited on the platform as well. Therefore, smoking in excess or promoting smoking is not recommended when streaming on Twitch. 

Again, smoking weed while streaming on Twitch should only be done in states and countries where marijuana is legal to consume. If you do choose to smoke while streaming on Twitch, do so safely and discreetly, without promoting or drawing attention to the activity. 

To sum it up 

Smoking weed on Twitch is still an ambiguous topic. Some, like Snoop Dogg, have smoked weed while streaming on Twitch before; however, most turn to the community guidelines and past examples of smoking while streaming to gain insight into the company’s feelings. 

Overall, in states and countries where marijuana is legal to consume, it might be okay to smoke while streaming. Do it at your own risk, and make sure you’re consuming safely and wisely. 

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