Benefits of a Lidded Ashtray

An ashtray with a lid is a total game-changer. 

Picture your current ashtray. Maybe it’s a silly shape or has a cute design. Maybe you got it somewhere cool, and it carries a sentimental meaning. Regardless, one thing is probably true: your ashtray is most likely filled with spent smokes, dirty roaches, and, of course, a large collection of ash. 

Now, you might not want to dispose of those cigarette butts and roaches: those can certainly be valuable when the stash runs dry. Nevertheless, you might wish there was a way you could just cover all the ash up. 

Never fear-- just slap a lid on that bad boy and hide all that icky stuff while taking your smoking experience on the road. Keep your roaches and ash secure, and smoke on the go with an ashtray that keeps it all inside. 

What is an ashtray with a lid?

An ashtray with a lid gives you a place to ash your smokes without the smell and grime of a normal ashtray. Not to mention, having a lid makes your ashtray much more portable: with a lid to contain it all, you can take your ashtray anywhere discreetly. Once you’re done, you can dispose of your ash and roaches cleanly. 

Vessel’slidded ashtray, called the Ash, has numerous benefits--and it’s fairly aesthetically pleasing, too. This ashtray is easy to clean and hefty: made from concrete, the Ash won’t shatter when you drop it. The tray also has a lower compartment to carry your accessories with a space for a one-hitter, a lighter, and your stash. Though it was made to be compatible with Vessel’s accessories line, including theAir one-hitter and theCarbon lighter,  the Ash lidded ashtray can fit most one-hitter and lighters. 

Having a lidded ashtray is convenient for smoking on the go. Slide the lid onto your ashtray to keep the smoky smell and debris in, to keep your smoking experience stealthy and clean. 

Benefits of a lidded ashtray 

An ashtray with a lid is beneficial for many reasons. Adding one to your collection will help you keep your smoking experience clean and tidy while trapping in odor and remaining stealth and discrete. 


One major benefit of having a lid for your ashtray is that it helps to keep your smoking experience clean and tidy. One major downfall of regular ashtrays is their scent: built-up ash and roaches carry a signature, smoky smell. Having a lid for your ashtray not only keeps the ashtray from spilling its ash, it keeps the icky smoky smell from stinking up your car or room. That way, you can keep your ashtray anywhere, and no one will be the wiser. 


Alongside the unpleasant smell, an open ashtray is not the most pleasing to the eye. Adding a lid to your ashtray not only covers up the dirty roaches and ash, but it also makes the ashtray look like more of a decor piece. By adding a lid, your ashtray no longer looks like the dirty smoking accessory it is: instead, it carries the vibe of a cute jar or knick-knack you might place on your shelf. Adding a lid increases the aesthetic value of your tray while decreasing dirtiness and odor. 


Smoking on the go is not always easy. Especially if you’re a car smoker, finding a place to ash creates a difficult challenge: not only is it not always possible to ash out a window, but you also don’t want to get your car dirty by ashing inside. Not to mention, regular ashtrays are likely to spill or break on the go. 

Adding a lid to your ashtray makes for total portability: you can take your ashtray anywhere you please without worrying about spilling. Simply slide your lid onto your tray and carry it with you in your car, in your office, or into a bag to be taken anywhere and everywhere. 


Whether hiding your habits or keeping things clean, there are many reasons why you might not want to let visitors see your ashtray. After all, let’s face it: smoking isn’t for everybody. At the very least, the smell of smoke is pleasant to almost no one. No matter the reason why you may want to remain discrete, having an ashtray with a lid helps achieve that goal. 

Slipping a lid onto your ashtray not only makes it portable and clean: it traps in scent and hides anything that might be contained inside. Getting a lid for your ashtray makes it easy to take anywhere—safely and discreetly. 

To sum it up

Adding an ashtray with a lid to your smoking arsenal is a definite need. Lidded ashtrays hide your old roaches while keeping in the smoky scent characteristic of ashtrays. Adding a lid to your ashtray also gives you a portable and discrete way to ensure your ash always ends up in the right place. Getting an ashtray with a lid changes your game and gives your smoking arsenal an edge: never find yourself spilling your ashtray again. 


What does a smokeless ashtray do?

A smokeless ashtray contains filters or fans that clean your smoke before distributing it back into the air. 

Should you put water in an ashtray?

Putting water in an ashtray provides a foolproof way for you to be certain your butts are completely distinguished. However, this water can carry bacteria if not cleaned frequently and is fairly easy to spill.  

What ashtray is best?

While every user’s ashtray will be a reflection of their personality, we recommend an ashtray with a lid for portability, cleanliness, and stealthiness.This onefrom Vessel has a lid and is made of concrete for low risk of breaking. It also has a compartment to store your stash, lighter, and one-hitter as well.

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