10 Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Self-Care Routine 

Unless you live off the grid, you’ve no doubt heard about self-care. You know, soaking in bubbles, napping because you can—that sort of thing. But what about practicing self-care while high? 

Using cannabis for relaxation and stress is no different from the more traditional self-care activities. Except, cannabis makes me-time more thrilling thanks to the mind and body perks.  

With everyone on the same merry-go-round of self-improvement, here’s how to change the pace, go your own way, and ride higher with cannabis. 


How to add cannabis to your self-care routine

 1. Get in the groove to move 

Look, rehashing the same old self-care tips won’t get us anywhere. There’s no shortage of eye-rolling advice about the benefits of mindful exercise, i.e., “Have you tried yoga?” But, cannabis might motivate you to actually want to work out. 

Encouraging studies suggest that cannabis makesexercise more fun. Based on self-reported survey results, people recommend combining physical activity with cannabis for stronger motivation and better recovery time. 

If you don’t know how cannabis works, allow us to briefly go over the essentials:

  • Cannabis has over 100 phytocannabinoids, aka plant compounds. The ones that steal the spotlight are THC (psychoactive) and CBD (non-psychoactive). 
  • As humans, we’re full of endocannabinoids, aka receptors that act like abridge between the body and mind. We call this the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 
  • The ECS is responsible for processes like appetite, sleep, pain response, and mood. Supplementing with cannabinoids from cannabis can enhance the body’s natural ECS functioning. 

With many forms to choose from, THC:CBD tinctures could be a powerful addition to protein shakes to help you overcome mental barriers. Or, go for CBD lotions post-workout totackle inflammation

That endorphin “high” you feel after burning calories? Next time, try cannabis at the start of your workout and see how high you can really go.  


2. Eat more green things

Everyone always said to eat your leafy greens—so, cannabis counts, right? Cooking with cannabis satisfies any craving, sweet or savory, and can make food smell and taste better. 

Researchers know this has to do with the effect of THC on the ECS. Weed elevates your senses, which is why people often get “the munchies.” 

Now, we all know that indulgence is a cornerstone of self-care. Sweet classics like chocolate chip cookies and brownies are even better when they’re infused with cannabis. If you have a hankering for something besides dessert, you have everything from snack-size options like weed Chex-mix to terpene-infused cocktails to wet your whistle. 

Eating weed is just one example of how to incorporate cannabis into your self-care routine. You can also smoke up before a meal to explore your palette more intensely. 

Whatever you choose, remember to start low and go slow, especially when cooking at home with cannabis butter or oil. Edibles take longer to activate than smokable weed.Microdosing cannabis helps you understand your tolerance. 


 3. Treat chores like play-time

Calling on all overworked parents—youneed a break. Whether you have children, pets, or plants, responsibility gets messy. On days when you’ve got a sink full of dishes and a pile of laundry to wash, a helping hand goes a long way. 

That’s where weed comes into play. And when we say play, we mean it literally. Weed can take the pressure off of chores andimprove your mood. Treating chores like play-time can help you declutter your environment, and in turn, organize your brain! 

The effect of cannabis on thereward system via the ECS explains why you feel euphoric when you’re high. We know how important discretion is when you’re a parent, so next time you have a to-do list to get through and kids to entertain, a puff or two from a vape pen might be a blessing in disguise. 


4. Listen to yourself 

Distractions are everywhere. Sometimes they get so loud, you can’t even hear yourself think. A big part of self-care is about setting intentions. Marijuana for anxiety might help quiet your thoughts, which happens to beone of the main reasons people use THC and CBD. 

Now that we know that mindful cannabis use isn’t just about being high, you can turn to pen and paper to release difficult emotions when you’re stressed. 

Self-care with cannabis can be as effortless as jotting down a few thoughts or observations. Bonus points for keeping a special journal to document each time you use cannabis and how it makes you feel.


5. Tune into being turned on 

Cannabis for sex has everything to do with self-care. Tuning into your desire restores confidence, and since cannabis ramps up the intensity of orgasms, empowerment is the name of the game.  

In a survey about sexual satisfaction, women felt hornier andexperienced better orgasms after smoking marijuana. Researchers attribute this to the twin-like behavior of marijuana and the body’s endocannabinoids during arousal. 

Like kinks, the way you consume marijuana is a matter of preference. But to help blood flow and keep things wet, CBD lubes may maximize pleasure where it matters. 


 6. Find a creative outlet 

The next stop on this self-care list is Imagination Station, where marijuana plays a part in creative expression and release. You might find crafting, doodling, or gardening more stimulating when you’re high. Or maybe it’s a good time to pull out those adult coloring books you forgot about. 

Find your favorite outlet to explore your creative side, then do it with cannabis for a different sensory experience. Let cannabis be your muse! 


7. Try talk therapy

We’re not necessarily referring to the kind of talk therapy you do with your therapist, but we won’t rule anything out when it comes toverbalizing your emotions. Reaching out to friends and family is a perfect self-care exercise that can change your perspective. 

But, if you’re feeling anxious, cannabis for stress may take some of the edge off. Some people blossom intoenergetic social butterflies when they’re high. This depends on the dose you take, but hey, if it helps you open up, why not? 


8. Stretch, soak, and stop stressing

Every self-care list includes a bubble bath, but ours is different: soothing self-care soaks while high. For best results, come prepared. Roll your joint, pack your bowl, charge your vape, or unwrap your CBD bath bomb, then let cannabissoak away muscle pain and fussy thoughts about work. 

Even if you’re not a Pisces, channeling your inner fish in the bathtub relaxes your muscles and makes you feel more zen. And it transforms your bath from an average Tuesday-night soak to total canna-bliss. 


9. Fade into better sleep

We can’t stress this enough: it’s time you get some shut-eye. Trust us, walking around like a hungover zombie isn’t helping you or anyone else. 

We recommend starting a bedtime routine with cannabis. Several studies have already touched on the benefits ofcannabis and sleep, and now is the time to listen. 

CBD tinctures pair well with sleepy time tea, but there are also flower and vape strains formulated specifically to help you snooze. Go for indica blends to take advantage of heightened body relaxation. 

If all else fails, weed could reduce sleep stress, that is, anxiety aboutnot sleeping. CBD may have anxiety-relieving properties and could help you fade far away to dreamier places. 


10. Think about things you like to do, then add cannabis 

Because there is no one right way to practice self-care, we thought we’d end off by reminding you that this is supposed to be enjoyable. You’re not doing self-care right if you hate it! 

Here’s a recipe for the best self-care ritual: do what you love, then add cannabis. Let the plant guide you, but always listen to yourself. 


To sum it up:

Cannabis research is still in its green phase, but the concept of self-care while high may make sense. Weed tends to heal more than it harms. And mindful cannabis consumption is the new self-care ritual here to help us chill out.  



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