5 Dabbing Techniques You Can Try Today

Learning newdabbing techniques can revolutionize your THC concentrate experience. 

When you first start dabbing, hits from the average rig can feel pretty harsh. Even for seasoned dabbers, hot vapor right to the lungs will most likely sting. Luckily wax connoisseurs have discovered techniques to emphasize both flavor and comfort. 

This article delves into five dabbing techniques that, in one way or another, can enhance your dabbing expertise. 

5 Dabbing techniques to try out

Use a nectar collector 

A tried and true method, using a nectar collector--also commonly known as a dab straw--is an easy and efficient way to dab from anywhere. No rig needed, nectar collectors are typically glass straws with titanium or quartz tips. When the tip is heated, the straw can be used to take portable dabs. 

Step one: Grab your go-to strain ofTHC concentrate, and make sure it’s in a heat-safe container.

Step two: Heat the titanium or glass tip of your nectar collector until hot.

Step three: Gently touch the heated tip of your straw to the concentrate, inhaling at the same time. 

Step four: Continue inhaling as the wax vaporizes into the straw before your eyes. 

Incorporate terp pearls

Terp pearls, also known as dab balls, are little glass balls that can help distribute heat and enhance the flavor of your dab. Placed in your banger, these balls start to spin when you load your concentrate in. This dizzying spinning effect is not only dope to witness: it helps your wax to vaporize slowly and more consistently, meaning you get a smoother, better-tasting dab. 

Step one: Add your terp pearls to your room temperature banger. 

Step two: Torch your banger to your preferred dabbing temperature. 

Step three: Carefully add your concentrate using your dab tool. 

Step four:Watch as the terp pearls spin and distribute the heat, consistently vaporizing your concentrate. 

Cold start your dab

Also called reverse dabs, cold start dabs spin the dabbing process on its head. Instead of heating your banger and then adding your wax, achieve the perfect cold start dab by loading your concentrate before you heat the nail. This process helps to enhance the terpenes—and thus flavor—of your dab. It also helps to conserve wax, a money-saving endeavor. 

Step one: Add your preferred amount of concentrate to your room temperature banger. 

Step two: Add a carb cap to your banger. This step will help you control the airflow and movement of heat in the banger. 

Step three: Ignite your torch and start heating the underside of the banger. Keep your flame close enough to the banger to consistently heat and vaporize your wax, but avoid putting it too close. Too much heat too fast can scorch and destroy your wax. 

Step four: Inhale. 

Try twaxing 

If you want the powerful high of THC concentrate without the hassle of heating up your nail, twaxing might be your best bet. Twaxing is the practice of mixing a little bit of wax in with your dry herb to reap the benefits of both forms of consumption. 

The THC concentrate heightens the psychoactive effects of the cannabis, while the dry herb takes the edge off with its milder cannabinoids. This method can be used in a number of ways inbongs,blunts, and joints to enhance any smoking experience. 

Interior twaxing in a blunt or joint:

Step one: Lay out your desired wrap or rolling paper.

Step two: Pack an initial layer of weed into your blunt. 

Step three:Add a thin strip of concentrate on top of the weed. This strip will serve as the core of your roll.

Step four: Pack a layer of weed on top of the concentrate until it is covered on all sides. 

Step five: Roll up and smoke as you normally would. 

Exterior twaxing in a blunt or joint:

Step one: Roll a joint or blunt like you normally would.

Step two: Warm up the concentrate by rubbing the wax between your hands. Form a thin strand of wax.

Step three: Wrap your wax strand around your previously rolled joint. Get creative with it. Make a pretty pattern.

Step four: Light up and enhance your high. 

Use a terp slurper 

Cue the dab connoisseurs! Terp slurpers are a type of banger specifically invented to help dabs become smoother and tastier. They’re built in three sections: a top bucket, a bottom dish, and a slitted cylinder that connects the two. When wax or oil is placed in the heated dish, it is percolated through the slits in the cylinder. 

When it percolates, the wax moves constantly over the heated surface, preventing it from burning and slowing down the vaporization process. This slower rate gives you more time to inhale--and significantly smooths out your dab. 

Step one: Though you can cold start your dab in a terp slurper (which would enhance the flavor of your wax), traditionally start by heating the bottom dish with your torch or lighter. Heat it until it glows red or until you’re satisfied that the dish is hot. 

Step two: Wait 30-45 seconds before adding a carb cap to the top bucket. This step will restrict airflow through the banger while you’re inhaling. 

Step three: Add the wax to the cooling dish while you inhale from the mouthpiece. 

Step four: Take your time savoring the inhale while your wax is slowly vaporized. 

To sum it up

Dabbing is an endless experiment--whether tried and true or new-and-improved, adding new dabbing techniques to your arsenal is a great way to consistently refine your THC concentrate experience. 


What is the proper way to dab?

Using a torch, heat your banger or nail until it is extremely hot. Let it cool to a desired temperature, and add your concentrate directly into the banger or nail. Start inhaling the vapor immediately from the mouthpiece and use a carb cap to help control airflow and heat distribution. 

How can I improve my dabbing experience?

Enhance your dabbing experience by experimenting with temperature control. Use terp pearls, a carb cap to help customize heat distribution and airflow, which can help smooth out your dab and improve the flavor. 

How do you make dabs smoother?

Dabbing at a lower temperature--or even cold starting your dab--can help to make the experience smoother. Instead of adding your concentrate as soon as you’ve heated up your banger, wait for it to cool for slower vaporizing and, therefore, a more flavorful dab. 


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