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Vessel Vista Series in Coral Color
Vessel Vista Series in Coral Color
Vessel - Compass Gunmetal Series - 510 Thread Cartridge Vape Battery

Gunmetal is Back.

Our Best Seller Is Now Back In Stock. Buy Now.

Vessel Compass Tahoe Edition

The most advanced design yet.

Introducing Compass. We welcomed the challenge of designing a small, yet powerful device that takes form and function to new heights. The Compass features an incredible high-capacity battery, our signature tuned airflow and an unparalleled ergonomic design that feels like it belongs in your hand.

Vessel Eclipse Kit for Dry Herb
Vessel Carbon Lighter, Inverted Design, High Performance Butane

The Ultimate Experience

From the moment you pick up your Vessel, you'll obsess over its signature design and character. From the way it's designed, to the way it performs - it's clear, nothing else comes close.

Vessel Ultimate Experience featuring Vista series battery, Rover case and Base charger
Vessel Ultimate Experience featuring Compass, Ridge Charger and Scout Case
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Smoking cannabis isn’t quite as cut and dry as it used to be. While there have always been a variety of ways to smoke marijuana — varying across cultures, locations and time — there seems to be an even more expansive sea of choices, now more than ever. With all of these different ways to smoke weed, the ball is really in the court of cannabis consumers.
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As cannabis continues to receive more attention in the health and wellness realm for its therapeutic properties, those attempting to manage chronic discomfort may find relief in the plant and its potentially helpful benefits. Utilizing cannabis for pain, irritation and inflammation, users have indicated great relief through individual components.
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Vessel Notch Wallet, Made from Authentic Genuine Leather for Compass Battery