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Why Add Ice to Your Bong?

Ice Bongs? Why Not!

Tale as old as time: pack the bowl, hit the bong, repeat. You’ve probably used your bong enough times that it’s routine now. Maybe you feel like it’s time to mix it up. Maybe you’re constantly chasing that smoother, tastier hit. 

Enter the ice bong. Adding ice to your bong does more than just liven up your smoke session: it cools down and filters your smoke and looks pretty darn cool while doing it. Read on to learn all about the benefits and techniques of adding ice to your bong. 

What are the benefits of putting ice in your bong?

Though putting ice into your bong might feel strange at first, it has many benefits. Ice affects the density, temperature, and smoothness of your smoke. 

  • Temperature - First and foremost, smokers commonly put ice in their bongs to cool down the smoke. The smoke first passes through the water in your bong’s chamber, cooling it a little before it reaches the ice. Once it mingles with the ice, the smoke is cooled down significantly. 
  • Purity - As noted above, when you add ice to your bong, the smoke must pass through first the water and then the ice. This double pass-through creates a more efficient filter system. Because the smoke passes through two different filters, once it reaches the mouthpiece, it contains less tar and toxins than without these filters. 
  • Smoothness  - Cooling down and filtering your bong’s smoke makes it far less harsh on the throat. Putting your smoke through a double cooling filtration system leads to an all-around smoother and denser hit. 
  • Flavor - Cooler, filtered smoke leads to a purer hit. A purer hit means the terpenes in your flower shine through: without hot and harsh smoke in your way, you can better taste the flavor profile of your herb. 
Adding ice to your bong has its benefits--and it’s also a super fun experiment. 

Which bongs are the best for ice?

Though you could hypothetically crush up ice and add it to whatever water pipe you please, some bongs are more suitable than others. 

These days, because of the popularity of the ice bong, some bongs are made specifically with ice catchers. Ice catchers are notches typically in the neck of the bong made to suspend the ice over the water chamber. That way, the smoke gets filtered twice: once through the water and another time through the ice. 

Though they add a little something extra, ice catchers definitely aren’t necessary. If you’re adding ice to a bong without an ice catcher, clear glass bongs are your best bet. This way, you can see the smoke swirling around the ice, and you’ll enhance the flavor of your flower even further. 

Simplistic beaker and tube-shaped bongs are the most mechanically logical option for those who want to add ice to their bong water. Depending on the size of your bong chamber, play around with the amount of ice you add to your bong water: this can impact the harshness and possible iciness of your hit. 

Tips and tricks for bongs with ice

Adding ice to your bong can be a bit of a science experiment. Play around with the tips and tricks below to determine a smoking routine that works best for you. 

  • Use a clear bong for a mesmerizing view. Enhance your smoking experience in more ways than one: ice bongs are even better when you can see the smoke interacting with the ice. As it cools down, the smoke will swirl around the slowly melting ice cube.
  • Keep an eye on your water level. Though, after smoking, your mind might be elsewhere, try to remember that your ice will melt into the chamber. Though this might seem obvious, it’s easy to forget and get some splashback during your next smoke session. 
  • Play around with ice types. Experiment with more than just an ice cube above the water chamber. Try adding varying amounts of ice to the bong water itself. Stop by your favorite fast food joint and get some different shaped ice for a stacked ice tower: cool, smooth hits and sick smoke swirls. 
  • Cool yourself down in the summertime with an icy bong rip. This method of bong smoking is perfect anytime but can be an excellent treat on a summer afternoon or evening (or--who are we kidding?--morning, too). 


How does a bong with ice cool the smoke?

When you add ice to your bong, it acts as the final filter between your herb and your mouthpiece. When the smoke reaches the ice, it’s already been cooled down a little by the water in the chamber. Once it mingles with the ice, the frozen air overpowers the heat in the smoke. The ice simultaneously filters and cools down the smoke, making for a super smooth hit. 

What is an ice catcher?

An ice catcher is a set of notches welded or blown into the neck of your bong. These notches are designed to suspend ice above your water chamber. This way, smoke passes through both the water below and the ice above before reaching the mouthpiece. 

What are ice notches, and are they necessary in a bong?

Ice notches are catches typically in the neck of your bong designed to hold ice. These notches hold the ice above the water chamber so that the smoke passes through both before reaching your mouth. 

Though they’re convenient, they certainly aren’t necessary. Ice can be added directly to your bong water for a cooler, smoother hit. 

Can smoking from an ice bong be dangerous? 

This one’s tricky. Though the cooled-down smoke might feel better on your throat, many across the internet have anecdotally claimed that breathing in this icy air can lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, or other respiratory problems. However, there’s no real evidence to support this, so this question remains inconclusive for now. Continue at your own risk!

To sum it up

Adding ice to your bong is a fun experiment to liven up your smoke session. Filter, cool down and purify your smoke all by throwing some ice cubes into your bong’s chamber. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn into more of a routine than an experiment.