Top 6 Cannabis Business Social Networks

Top 6 Cannabis Business Social Networks

As weed's legalization slowly but surely spreads across the U.S., there’s been a booming growth of cannabis businesses from coast to coast. Along with the green rush is the fast-growing number of weed enthusiasts eager to connect, whether for a chat over strains and products or to form professional bonds.

Luckily, we’re in a digital era where specialized social networks for cannabis enjoyers are just a few clicks away. Whether you're a business owner aiming to widen your professional network or a cannabis enthusiast looking to connect with like-minded folks, you’re in the right place. In this article, we'll guide you through the top cannabis business social networks where you can connect and collaborate with ease.

Top cannabis business social networks

  • Best for cannabis industry news: Grasscity Forums
  • Best for cannabis professional networking: Leafwire
  • Best for professional cross-industry networking: LinkedIn
  • Best for weed consumer engagement: Weedable
  • Best for cannabis-related content: CannaBuzz
  • Best for weed-growing techniques & strategies: 420 Magazine Forum

Best for cannabis industry news: Grasscity Forums

Grasscity logo

Grasscity Forums is one of the oldest online cannabis communities and has served as a hub for a wide variety of cannabis-related discussions since 1999. These topics range from cannabis industry news to marijuana growing techniques to the cannabis lifestyle, all separated into their designated subforums.

This lets you navigate easily to specific topics and find information relevant to your business’s needs. Also, the interactive nature of the forums encourages sharing of ideas and networking among its community.


  • Wide variety of weed-related topics accessible
  • Encourages active community engagement
  • Has cannabis business-focused subforums


  • Information overload due to wide variety of topics
  • Outdated user interface compared to other social networks
  • May be tedious and time-consuming to sift through discussions

Cost: Free

Best for cannabis professional networking: Leafwire

Leafwire logo

Think of Leafwire as LinkedIn tailored for the cannabis crowd. This platform is designed specifically to link cannabis entrepreneurs with potential investors and like-minded professionals.

Much like LinkedIn, Leafwire allows you to post job openings, share updates about your business, and stay informed about the latest trends in the cannabis industry. While casual conversation isn't the main focus here; Leafwire excels as a tool for cannabis business owners looking to broaden their professional networks and foster business relationships. 


  • Networking opportunities with professionals and even industry leaders
  • Access to news on the latest market trends
  • Can be a valuable business tool for growing a business (finding employees, getting extra funding, etc.)


  • Not suited for casual engagement
  • Premium features can be pricey
  • Constant engagement is needed to be visible on the platform

Cost: Free for basic use. Premium monthly plans are available for those who want to have access to features like advertising, market listings, job posts, and more.

Best for professional cross-industry networking: LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo

In the world of professional networking,LinkedIn realms supreme. It's a dynamic platform used by millions of users from every conceivable industry, including the cannabis sector. For cannabis business owners, LinkedIn provides the opportunity to connect not only with industry peers but also with professionals in related fields such as marketing, finance, and legal — areas that may be beneficial for business expansion.

The platform allows users to post job openings, apply for positions, share valuable insights, and join specialized groups tailored to their interests. It’s a very versatile platform if you want to cultivate a business presence in the budding cannabis industry.


  • Extensive network of professionals from all industries
  • Can connect with cannabis professionals and ancillary service providers
  • Offers tools for personal branding and business growth


  • Helpful but expensive premium features
  • High competition for visibility
  • Vastness of the platform may make it hard to reach specific niches or groups

Cost: Free for basic use. Premium plans are available for those who want access to premium features, such as InMail, AI tools, recruitment tools, and more.

Best for weed consumer engagement: Weedable

Weedable logo

Weedable is a social network tailored specifically for connecting business owners directly with consumers. For cannabis entrepreneurs, talking directly with consumers can provide valuable insights into market trends, consumer feedback, and other important information that lets you create products and offerings that satisfy customers. It also features a user-friendly interface where businesses can showcase their products, host promotions, and interact through posts and direct messaging. 


  • Has an online marketplace to feature products and promotions
  • Interactive platform for receiving real-time consumer feedback
  • Has user-friendly interface


  • Potentially high competition among businesses
  • No mobile app

Cost: Free to use.

Best for cannabis-related content: CannaBuzz


Out of all the social media networks on this list, CannaBuzz is the one that’s most similar to familiar platforms like Instagram or Facebook, but with a focus on cannabis-related content. It's the perfect place for cannabis entrepreneurs to engage an enthusiastic audience through diverse and targeted content.

The platform supports a wide range of content types including text posts, videos, blogs, and podcasts, making it a flexible tool for marketing your brand and expanding your customer base. It also has a user-friendly interface and community-centric features, encouraging active participation and frequent content sharing.


  • Supports a wide variety of content types
  • A space for sharing creative and informative cannabis-related content
  • Community-driven platform helps establish deeper customer relationships


  • Only available through mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • May require constant content creation to maintain engagement
  • Requires strategic content planning to stand out in the community

Cost: Free to use. Premium subscriptions are needed for features such as early-access content, members-only hangouts, monthly giveaways, and more.

Best for weed-growing techniques & strategies: 420 Magazine Forum

420 Magazine logo

Pioneering online cannabis discussions since 1993,420 Magazine Forum is a community where professional and amateur cannabis growers converge to exchange best practices and insights on cultivation. For business owners, this platform provides an opportunity to learn from experienced cultivators and discuss the latest advancements in cannabis cultivation.

This helps businesses continuously improve their product and stay ahead of the competition. The forum has a well-organized layout with detailed threads that range from beginner tips to advanced botanical science, allowing users to easily navigate and engage with content.


  • Access to a rich database of cannabis cultivation
  • Opportunity to connect with seasoned growers for product development
  • Organized user interface for easy navigation


  • Mostly focused on cannabis cultivation topics
  • Outdated user interface compared to other networks
  • Paid members don’t provide much resources

Cost: Free to use. Paid memberships are available for profile cosmetics, newsletter access, and freebies.

Frequently asked questions

Can you market cannabis on social media?

Yes, but it depends on the state laws and platform-specific policies. Since there’sno federal policy regarding weed advertising, the legality varies across states. Facebook, Instagram, X, and other major social media platforms have different rules for advertising cannabis and related paraphernalia. Some are more strict while others are lenient, so it’s best to check their policies before crafting your marketing strategies for these platforms.

What are some of the best cannabis forums?

Some of the oldest and most recognizable cannabis forums online are 420 Magazine and Grasscity forums. These forums are popular for their wealth of information on growing techniques, legal discussions, and consumer experiences, making them a valuable resource for cannabis business owners and cannabis enthusiasts. 

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