Vape Batteries-What You Need To Know

Vape pen batteries are one of the main components you’ll need if you’re interested in vaping cannabis. As a general rule, vapers do their research and pick out a vapor battery before purchasing THC extract (oil or concentrates). 

New cannabis customers, being unfamiliar with the market, may not know what to make of vape technology. The market is constantly shifting, new terms pop up left and right, meanwhile some buyers who don’t know what to look for feel like they can never keep up. 

Rest assured, this guide has all the beginner-level information you need to confidently buy a vape pen battery. 

What Is A Vape Battery?

A vape battery is a rechargeable device that vaporizes dry herb or cannabis concentrate. 

When the battery is connected to a cartridge or loaded with the cannabis extract of your choice, it heats up an atomizer within the device. When the atomizer comes into contact with the cannabis extract, it heats the extract without burning it. The extract then produces potent, inhalable vapor. 

To help you understand the differences between extract types and battery requirements, reference the chart below:

Cannabis Extract Type

How to Vape

Battery Needed 

Best For

Dry Herb

Desktop (charge with outlet)/Portable pens 

Type: lithium-ion, manual or automatic

Compatibility: 510-thread cartridge

Ages 21+ (young and old)

Stretching out your stash.


Portable pens (cartridges - can refill or buy pre-filled, *box mods have built-in battery)

Type: lithium-ion, manual or automatic

Compatibility: 510-thread cartridge

Quick vaping. Connect the cartridge to the battery. 

Trying terpenes. 

Concentrates (wax/shatter) 

Portable pens (with pre-loaded or refillable chambers)/dab rigs (glass piece - no battery required)  

Type: lithium-ion, manual or automatic

Compatibility: 510-thread cartridge

Advanced vapers with a high tolerance. 

At-home vaping (you have to load sticky extract). 

How To Choose Vape Pen Batteries?

When purchasing a vape pen battery, you’re generally confronted with countless options. Consider the following factors when narrowing down to a device that works best for you. 

  • Type of device: Some vape pen batteries connect to a cartridge, while others allow you to dose and load your own cannabis extract directly into the device. If you’re someone who values convenience and portability, a 510-threaded battery that connects to a cartridge may be your best option. If you like the individuality and flexibility of loading your wax or dry herb yourself, opt for one with a heating chamber instead. 
  • Customization options: While some batteries are simply equipped with a trigger button, others have numerous options for controlling temperature, voltage, and airflow. Batteries with more customization options allow you to play around with flavor and vapor output until you find settings that you prefer. 
  • Brand reputation: Purchasing from a trusted retailer will ensure that you have a reliable device that’s built to last. Perform research before investing in a device: read customer reviews, scour subreddits, and keep up-to-date on the brands’ customer service policies. Knowing a brand’s reputation can help you figure out if their product is both safe and sturdy. 

  • Where To Buy The Best Vape Batteries?

    Some vape batteries are better than others. When purchasing the best vape battery for your needs, look in the following places:
    • Head ShopsHead shops sell a variety of vape batteries: from those that connect to a cartridge to higher-end dry herb or wax vaporizers. This option is great for those who’d rather see and feel the battery in person before making a commitment. Your local head shop employee can walk you through the differences between each battery that they sell and help you determine the best one for you.
    • Trusted online retailersBrands like Vessel have solidified a reputation for producing reliable vape pen batteries. Reading customer reviews--and ensuring that the brand has stellar customer service policies--is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting a high-quality device. 
    • DispensariesMost dispensaries sell rechargeable vape batteries alongside their cartridges. They typically have a large stock of 510-threaded batteries to connect to cartridges, and they may carry some rechargeable devices that allow you to dose and load the cannabis extract yourself. 

    To Sum It Up

    Picking out a vapor battery is one of the easier decisions you’ll make as a new vaper. Most cartridges, whether they’re compatible with dry herb, oil, or concentrates, fit with 510-thread batteries (an industry standard). After that, it’s essentially a question of choosing a battery type. Automatic batteries may be quicker to use, but manual batteries offer more in the way of customization. The choice is yours. 


    Do Vape Batteries Need To Be Replaced?

    Many vapes have rechargeable options with a large battery capacity. You can even get a battery case to keep it safe. However, there may be some cases in which you’ll need to replace a rechargeable battery if it becomes damaged or lost. 

    What Is The Voltage Of A Vape Battery?

    There is a range of vape pen battery voltages and variable voltage styles. 3.3v and 4.8v is the average voltage. 

    Which Vape Batteries Last The Longest?

    The lifespan of your vape battery depends on what material it’s made out of, what brand it’s from, and how well you take care of it. Purchasing from a trusted retailer like Vessel gives peace of mind that you’re buying a consistently reliable product made from safe materials. However, you can also extend the lifetime of your battery by avoiding overcharging and storing it somewhere away from the elements. 

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