How Much is a Weed Grinder?

When searching for the perfect grinder, there are countless variables to take into account. Material, design, and size all contribute toward the proper functioning of aweed grinder. These factors can also influence the lifespan of your grinder. 

However, before deciding on those factors, it’s important to consider a budget. Determining a budget before starting your search can help narrow down the countless options on the weed grinder market. 

So how much is a weed grinder? Use the following guide to inform your journey to the perfect grinder, from determining a price range to finding a trusted retailer. 

How much is a weed grinder?

Price (varies by material)



$10-$40 (higher end can range up to $75)

3-piece grinder made up of two sections with teeth that grind the nugs with a lower compartment to catch the ground weed



(higher end can range $100+) 

4-piece grinder with the same pieces as a 3-piece grinder with an additional compartment to catch kief as it falls through a mesh screen


Generally $75-$150 

Luxury grinders come equipped with additional features such as electric grinding and auto dispensers.



Amazon sells a wide variety of grinders with numerous features, from plastic to electric grinders. 

The type of grinder you purchase certainly impacts how much you pay for it. The material that your grinder is made out of can have just as much of an impact. Grinders are typically made from one of four main materials. From least pricey to priciest, those materials are plastic, aluminum, zinc alloy, and stainless steel. 

Where to buy a weed grinder?

For face-to-face advice about the best weed grinder for specific smoking needs, head shops carry most types of grinders. From the two-piece $4 plastic grinder to the heavy palm-sized nug crusher, head shops typically have a small collection--with a wide variety.

To compare prices with a plethora of styles at your fingertips, shopping online is the more ideal route. With seemingly infinite online head shops come seemingly infinite grinder designs. 

With that being said, buying a weed grinder from a quality retailer is a better bet for a grinder that’s built to last. Though typically at a slightly higher price point than the average $20 head shop pick-up, grinders from reputable retailers are an investment that should last for many years. 

Reputable retailers are generally transparent about the materials they use to make their products. These materials contribute to how finely a grinder can crush up weed. They also play a large part in how long your grinder’s teeth stay sharp. Shopping from a quality retailer means having to replace your grinder less often: it also means soft, fluffy weed every time you grind. 

TakeThe Mill from Vessel, for example. This grinder is designed for durability and convenience. Compact size does not mean compromised efficiency: made from precision-engineered aluminum, this design ensures the teeth stay sharp, even after countless sessions. Though durable, the Mill grinder stays affordable. It retails for $39, solidly in the average price range for metal, 3-piece grinders. 

Why do you need a weed grinder?

A weed grinder is a necessary tool in any smoker’s toolkit. Using a weed grinder has numerous benefits:

  • More manageable weed - Breaking down your weed into a finely ground consistency makes it easier to pack intojoints, blunts, andbowls. A tighter pack means a slower-burning and longer-lasting smoke. 
  • Saves time - Using your fingers, a coin, orany other method to grind up weed is fairly time-consuming. Using a weed grinder is faster and more efficient. 
  • Preserves potency - When breaking nugs down with bare hands, tiny--sometimes glimmering--hair-like trichomes will stick to your skin. These trichomes produce most of the plant'scannabinoids, likeCBD and THC. When trichomes get stuck on your fingertips and brushed away, you’re sacrificing potency from your high. Weed grinders help to preserve those trichomes: some even come with a separate compartment, called the kief collector, to catch the fine particles that fall away from the bud. 
  • Enhanced flavor - Remember trichomes? They also produce the plant’s terpenes and flavonoids. In other words, trichomes make the compounds that give each strain their unique flavor and aroma. Using a weed grinder will grind the trichomes into the weed and collect the pollen-like fall out at the bottom of the grinder. 

  • Purchasing a weed grinder is an essential step toward a faster, more convenient smoking experience. Not only does a workable texture make it easier to pack weed into a vessel, grinding your weed can enhance your smoking experience by heightening the flavor and preserving the strain’s potency. 

    To sum it up

    A good grinder is key to a flawless smoking experience. Finding a durable, effective grinder can be simple. Think about design, material, and price range before making a purchase. Remember: buying a grinder is an investment that should last you for many years. Determining your budget and purchasing from a quality retailer can help ensure that your grinder lasts as long as possible for as many sessions as possible. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are weed grinders worth it?

    Weed grinders have numerous benefits, such as saving time, preserving potency and flavor, and making your weed a more workable texture. These benefits can lead to a long-lasting burn and a more impactful and tasty high. 

    Do gas stations sell grinders?

    Some gas stations sell grinders. Though grinders most likely won’t be sold at most chain gas stations, some smaller, locally-owned gas stations may carry a small selection of grinders. 

    How much is a metal weed grinder?

    Depending on the type of metal they’re made from, weed grinders can vary in price from $15 to over $100. Metal grinders are generally made from aluminum, zinc alloy, or stainless steel. 

    What is the best weed grinder?

    For a durable, long-lasting weed grinder, it’s best to buy from aquality retailer. Quality retailers use stronger materials for sharper teeth and a finer grind. 

    What are the types of weed grinders?

    The most common type of weed grinder is the 4-piece, 3-compartment grinder. Other grinder types include 3-piece, luxury, and electric.

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