A Vessel x Highsman Collaboration

Highsman is an appreciation for greatness and an appreciation for cannabis. When I started experimenting with it recreationally, I became very reflective and a lot of the time the things I was reflecting on didn’t feel good to me. But through that inner reflection, I started making changes in myself– I realized that there was more to me than just being a football player, and it created an urge to start developing those other sides of myself. It was, and still is, my appreciation for cannabis that helped me to realize my potential for greatness outside the game of football."



T H E   H I G H S M A N   C O L L E C T I O N

Highsman Letterman Varsity Jacket

The Highsman Letterman Varsity Jacket is a true cloak of greatness. It features a wool body and genuine leather sleeves with a chenille Highsman “H” logo patch on the left chest. On the back is an applique Highsman logo prominently placed between the shoulders. Display your Highsman pins and any other accolades proudly on the front logo patch.

Heading text hereHighsman Snapback Hat

​​The Highsman Snapback sports a structured flat visor that can be curved to your personal style. The back panels feature a plastic strap to adjust the size. The front of this classic snapback boasts a 3D puff embroidery of the Highsman logo. Additional branding is found on the back, directly above the plastic snap.

Highsman x Pelican™ 1060 Micro Case

From small containers and tools to smartphones, protect your gear in the crush-proof, watertight, and dust-proof Highsman x Pelican Micro Case.