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Pre heat. Pure taste.

Compass Rise has a new pre heat functionality, and a new low voltage setting (1.9v) for thicker oils, ensuring the purest flavor and best possible taste. It also remembers your heat setting, so when you turn your Compass Rise off and back on, it’s at the setting you left it.

Stands up. Stands out.

The new generation Compass Rise is an all-round sturdier, more powerful device with the ability to stand upright on its own. Compass Rise stands out from the crowd, in a class of its own.

Not heavy. Just metal.

Compass Rise’s protective all-metal casing makes it extremely resilient and durable. For those who are going places, take it anywhere with confidence.

Designer grip. Anti-slip.

Compass Rise flaunts a prism shaped backplate for extra ergonomic feel and enhanced grip, reducing its chances of slipping. 

Airflow perfected. Cart protected.

Vessel’s perfectly placed top air intake holes ensure an effortlessly optimized airflow, whilst its drop-in design provides cartridge protection that’s second to none. 

Battery designed to keep up with life.


Stands upright


Drop-in design for cartridge protection


Cartridge swivel for mouthpiece alignment

  • High-quality 550mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Pre heat functionality
  • 5 power / voltage settings (1.9v, 2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V)
  • Drop-in design for cartridge protection
  • Cartridge swivel for mouthpiece alignment
  • Incredibly durable, all metal casing
  • 3 LEDs indicate battery life and power settings
  • USB-C charging port + cable
  • Fits most 510 thread cartridges (cartridge not included, 1g recommended)

Dimensions: 2.51” x 1.61” x 0.74”

Weight: 100g

6-month limited warranty

Take your highs to greater heights.


550 mAh

Cart diameter: 11.5mm

Anodized aluminum back cover, plastic face plate

4 power settings

Ergonomic design

Compatible with Ridge and Scout

Weight: 70 g

USB-C charging port with cable included

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550 mAh

Cart diameter: 11.5mm

100% anodized aluminum casing, plastic-free

5 power settings

Ergonomic design, stands upright

Charging dock and case coming soon

Weight: 100 g

USB-C charging port with cable included

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What is the main difference between Compass and Compass Rise?

There are a few notable differences between the Compass and the second generation, Compass Rise. Compass Rise is crafted entirely from anodized aluminum, adding a bit more weight due to its high-quality materials. Additionally, Rise offers an extra power setting and preheating upon activation. This extra power setting, at 1.9v, assists with thicker oil viscosities. However, the standout feature of Rise is its ability to stand upright!

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What material is Compass Rise made out of?

Compass Rise is plastic free and constructed entirely from 100% anodized aluminum.

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Is this compatible with Ridge and Scout?

Compass Rise is not compatible with our existing Ridge charger and Scout case, however Rise’s charging dock and case will be ready this summer. To charge your Rise device, please use the USB-C charging cable included with your device purchase.

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When will the charging dock and case be ready?

Rise’s charging dock and case will be ready this summer.

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Why does it have an extra heat setting?

The additional heat setting is designed to facilitate oils with thicker viscosities. The lower power settings ensure you can enjoy your oil without the risk of burning it.

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What is the size difference between Compass and Compass Rise?

Due to its all metal casing, Compass Rise weighs in at 100g.

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Does this stand upright?

Yes, Compass Rise has been re-engineered to stand upright, fulfilling a feature that you requested and we implemented.

Rise to the occasion.
Drawing inspiration from the world around us is at the heart of our creative process. From towering buildings to intricate architecture, the reflectivity of certain metals to the texture of various materials - every element fuels our imagination.
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Rise above ordinary.
Achieve the next level of sophistication with Compass Rise. From the heart of the city's hustle to nature’s outermost limits, Compass Rise is the only companion for those wanting to up the ante of style, performance, and innovation – all in one.
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