What Is a Bubbler Bong?

What Is a Bubbler Bong?

What is a bubbler bong, and why are more and more cannabis users using it? Simply put, it’s a hybrid smoking device that’s a cross between a bong and a pipe. While it achieves the same end goal as a bong or pipe (that is, to smoke weed), a bubbler bong provides a different smoking experience characterized by its unique features and advantages.

In this article, we’ll discuss how bubbler bongs work, how it compares to a regular bong, and whether it’s a great fit for your lifestyle.

What is the point of a bubbler bong?

If you’re getting tired of the same old routine, a bubbler bong is a great way to switch up your smoking sessions. But aside from that, bubble bongs offer different advantages over other bong types:

  • Better filtration: Bubblers use water to filter out all the gritty stuff, like tar and particulates, from the smoke. This results in cleaner, less harsh smoke compared to a dry pipe.
  • Better flavor: Since it filters out impurities, more of the cannabis’s natural flavors are preserved. Also, the smoother hits also let you taste more of the terpenes and less of the combustion.
  • Better portability and convenience: Bubbler bongs are usually smaller than regular bongs, which makes them better travel companions. Since they have a smaller size, they’re also easier to handle.
  • No extra pieces: They have an all-in-one design that does everything without needing extra pieces.
  • More durable: Bubblers are usually sturdier than regular bongs because of their thicker glass build.

How do you use a bubbler bong?

  1. Pour water: Add water to the bubbler’s chamber until enough water covers the bottom of the stem. Make sure you put just enough — too little won't filter properly, and too much can lead to splashback when inhaling.
  2. Grind down your cannabis: Break down your cannabis into a fine consistency for an even and smooth burn. We recommend using a weed grinder for better control and consistency.
  3. Pack the bowl: Pack your ground cannabis into the bowl of your bubbler, not too tight and not too loose. If it’s too tight, air can’t pass through, but if it’s too loose, it won’t stay put.
  4. Light it up: When you light it, position your lighter near the edge of your cannabis to avoid charring. This method is called “cornering,” and it helps achieve a more even burn, making your weed last longer.
  5. Inhale: Place your finger over the carb hole and gently inhale to intake smoke. The water in the bubbler will bubble as you pull, filtering and cooling the smoke. Start with slow, small inhales to avoid overwhelming coughs.
  6. Clear the chamber: After taking a hit, remove your finger from the carb hole and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. Enjoy the hit.

Differences between bubblers and bongs

Bubbler bongs and bongs provide uniquely different experiences for cannabis enthusiasts. Here are their key differences:






Ease of use


Smaller and more compact

Usually more durable due to thicker glass

May be harder to clean due to its one-piece design

Doesn’t allow for accessories

Easy to use due to its simple design


Larger and less portable

Less durable due to thinner glass and larger size

Easier to clean because it can be disassembled

Can be customized with different accessories (bowls, percolators, etc.)

May be hard to use, depending on the setup


Is a bubbler healthier than a pipe?

Yes, a bubbler can be a healthier way to smoke than a traditional pipe due to its water filtration system. The water helps trap a small portion of harmful particulates, producing a cleaner smoke that’s less harsh on the lungs.

However, take note that using a bubbler still introduces toxins to the lungs. While research suggests that water filtration may make a difference, no smoking method is completely free of health risks.

Do bubbler bongs get you as high as bongs?

No. While bubbler bongs and regular bongs both use water filtration to produce smoke, that’s where the similarity ends. The key difference lies in their size and design. Bongs have larger chambers and more complex filtration systems that allow you to take in a larger volume of smoke in a single hit, leading to a more intense, faster-acting high. Bubblers are smaller, so you get less smoke with each puff, which means the high might not hit as hard or as quickly.


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