Weed That Makes You Laugh - Top Strains For Giggles

Weed That Makes You Laugh - Top Strains For Giggles

Finding weed strains that make you laugh can be just as fun as it sounds. Use this guide to learn why cannabis makes us laugh and which strains are great for a giggle session with your homies. 

Weed strains that make you laugh

In general, THC has the potential to induce hehes, hahas, and even a few lols. Nevertheless, some strains cause easier laughter than others. Use this list as a beginner’s guide--and then go out and find even more strains to make you giggle. 

Best weed strains for laughing

  • Laughing Buddha: Sativa
  • Chemdawg: Hybrid
  • OG Kush: Hybrid
  • Church OG: Indica
  • Sweet Diesel:Sativa
  • Blue Diesel:Hybrid
  • Ghost Train Haze: Sativa
  • Strawberry Amnesia: Sativa
  • Black Diamond:Indica
  • Durban Poison: Sativa
  • Cinex:Hybrid
  • Super Lemon Haze: Hybrid
  • Orange Daiquiri:Hybrid
  • Deadhead OG: Hybrid
  • Euphoria:Sativa

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Laughing Buddha

This list wouldn’t exist without Laughing Buddha. This upbeat sativa is known for leaving its users ridiculously giggly. Its main terpene myrcene creates a spicy, peppery flavor balanced by a sweet, fruity smell.  This strain typically has a high THC content of around 22-23%, meaning it is as fast-acting as it is potent.


The granddaddy of them all: Chemdawg, has been crossed countless times to create numerous backbone strains. The strain itself is the OG diesel strain: it has a strong fuel-like smell and flavor, potentially helping to originate the phrase, “This is gas.”

Its potent THC content makes this strain another heavy hitter: Chemdawg is known for inducing creativity, conversation, and, of course, laughter. 

OG Kush

Another legendary strain, OGK, is an intense hybrid that can cause cackling. First cultivated in the early 90s, this strain has roots in Northern California, Florida, and even Amsterdam. This strain pretty much invented skunky: its aroma is often described as smelling like fuel and skunk with a piney flavor. 

OG Kush is another total grandfather strain: since its creation, this strain has been used to spawn countless other iconic strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Ghost OG. 

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Church OG

Another strain for getting your giggle on, Church OG is a powerful indica that calms and relaxes. A spawn of OG Kush and God’s Gift, it carries a spicy, herbal aroma and flavor. 

This strain is known for its colorful beauty: dark green with a purple hue, this strain’s unique orange fibers help it stand out from the crowd. Don’t be fooled by her looks though, Church OG causes potent sleepiness and delirious giggles. 

Sweet Diesel

Another OGK baby crossed with Sour Diesel, this strain will have you laughing. A member of the diesel family, this strain’s fuel aroma is light and is coupled with an earthy herbal flavor. 

Known for inducing giggles and increasing focus, Sweet Diesel is a true head-high sativa. An energizing social lubricant, Sweet Diesel lays the foundation for a night full of laughter. 

Blue Diesel 

Another member of the diesel family, Blue Diesel, is a fruity hybrid cross of Blueberry and NYC Diesel. The strain produces a long-lasting buzzy body high, balanced with a moderate head high. Without causing fatigue, Blue Diesel relaxes its user into blissful giggles.

Ghost Train Haze

A sour and citrusy sativa, Ghost Train Haze is another strain perfect for inducing laughter. The dense buds are made by crossing Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. 

Typically energizing its users, Ghost Train Haze can nevertheless be true to its name: large doses can cause haziness and low concentration. However, creativity and laughter are boosted for a blissful smoking experience. 

Strawberry Amnesia

Strawberry Amnesia is a powerhouse sativa-dominant hybrid that will leave you talkative, giddy, and laughing. Like its name suggests, this strain smells and tastes like strawberries--probably due to its main terpene, Caryophyllene. 

Made from parent strains Strawberry Cough and Amnesia, this strain energizes you while leaving you blissful and euphoric. 

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Black Diamond 

On the opposite end of Strawberry Amnesia, enter Black Diamond. This strong indica doesn’t shut you up, though: the strain induces conversation while causing you to feel blissful, giggly, relaxed, and even a bit hungry.

A cross from parents Blackberry and Diamond OG, this strain typically has deep purple coloring and a musky aroma. 

Durban Poison

Closing out the list is a pure and powerful sativa. Named for its origin in the South African port city of Durban, this strain is perfect for riding a wave of productivity and creativity all day long. Perfect for hanging with friends or vibing alone, Durban Poison energizes and uplifts, leaving you giddy and giggly. 

This energizing sativa has a sweet smell, coupled with a flavor profile containing sage and pine. 


Cinex is a charismatic hybrid that brings forth the best of its Cinderella 99 and Vortex lineage. Its aroma is a mix of pungent, spicy, and citrus, hinting at its vibrant terpene profile rich in limonene and caryophyllene. This strain provides you with a skunky, sweet taste with a hint of lemony zest. 

With a moderately high THC content, Cinex not only revitalizes the mind but often leads to a cheerful mood peppered with chuckles and grins. Whether you're socializing or seeking solo inspiration, Cinex ensures a delightful, laughter-filled experience.

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Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon HazeSuper Lemon Haze, as the name suggests, bursts with zesty lemon undertones. This sativa-dominant hybrid comes with a tantalizing citrus aroma, complemented by its notable terpene profile rich in fruity terpinolene. With a THC content that leans towards the higher side, it's not just the lemony zest that lifts your spirits. 

Consuming Super Lemon Haze brings forth a wave of euphoria, sparking laughter and joy, ensuring your sessions are filled with endless amusement.

Orange Daiquiri

Orange Daiquiri strain is all about zest and exhilaration. As its name suggests, it provides a spicy and citrus aroma, coupled with a hint of pine and diesel. With a slightly high THC content, this strain induces an upbeat and vivacious high, making you susceptible to bouts of infectious laughter and light-heartedness. 

A cross between Grape Pie and Orange Cookies, Orange Daiquiri is a great pick-me-up strain for slow mornings.

Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG is a hybrid strain that boasts an aroma filled with earthy undertones and a terpene profile highlighted by caryophyllene and limonene, it carries flavors of pine and a hint of diesel. Its THC content leans towards the higher end, making it potent in both its effects and its ability to induce fits of giggles. 

Ideal for seasoned users, Deadhead OG will have you reminiscing and laughing about the good old times.

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Living up to its name, Euphoria promises an uplifting and joy-filled experience. This Sativa strain showcases a sweet, woody, and skunky aroma, with its terpene profile led by myrcene and caryophyllene. With a moderate to low THC content, Euphoria doesn't overpower but gently guides you into a state of upbeat bliss. 

Consuming this strain invariably leads to feelings of happiness and, as you might've guessed, spontaneous laughter, making it a go-to for merry gatherings or solo chill sessions.

Why does cannabis make you laugh?

It’s pretty much the best part of consuming cannabis: undeniably, it can set off a giggle fit. But why?

Basically, weed increases blood flow to the part of the brain that induces laughter.MRI scans of the human brain demonstrate that cannabis stimulates the same regions of the brain where humor is interpreted. That’s why laughter feels easier after you’ve consumed it. 

Also, in general, marijuana can reduce social anxiety and lower inhibitions. Feeling comfier in your own skin, you will be more likely to laugh easier (and more likely to contribute banger jokes to the conversation). 

What kind of weed makes you laugh - sativa or indica?

Indica and sativa describe two subcategories of weed. Indica strains are often associated with couch lock and relaxation. On the other side of the coin, sativa more commonly energizes both the mind and the body. 

Though anecdotally, many suggest that sativa induces more easy laughter, there’s no evidence to support such a claim. In fact, both indica and sativa can cause a laughing fit. 

Energizing sativa is perfect for shifting perspective: boosting creativity and the ability to see humor in any situation. On the other hand, soothing indica relaxes the mind and the body, lowering those social inhibitions and making laughter (and the ability to just chill) easier. 


What type of weed makes you giggly?

There are different strains that can make you laugh, but those rich in THC are the ones that often result in giggles. Terpenes like limonene and pinene, found abundantly in citrusy strains, can uplift one's mood, making them more likely to laugh. But generally, Sativa-dominant hybrids with specific terpene profiles tend to be associated with cheerful effects.

What type of weed makes you happy?

Weed strains that make you happy are usually good at boosting serotonin production. Strains high in limonene and caryophyllene, terpenes known for their mood-lifting properties, are good candidates. Sativa-dominant strains, due to their cerebral high, typically provide an uplifted and euphoric feeling, making them popular choices for users seeking happy smoking sessions.

Which indica strains make you laugh?

Indica strains are usually known for their relaxing effects, so they're not that known for inducing laughter as strongly as Sativas. However, some Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids like Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, and Northern Lights have been reported to produce happy and occasionally giggly effects.

Does sativa make you laugh?

Sativa strains are popular for their cerebral and energetic highs, often leading to enhanced sensory experiences and creativity. While not all Sativas induce laughter, a lot of users report feeling more social, uplifted, and, indeed, giggly after consuming them. The terpene profile, particularly limonene and pinene, alongside the THC content, can influence these effects. However, everyone's experience varies, and what makes one person laugh might not have the same effect on another.

Does Pineapple Express make you laugh?

Yes, it can! A lot of users report bouts of laughter and an overall cheerful demeanor after enjoying Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is a hybrid cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian and is known for feeling uplifted and euphoric. Its terpene profile, rich in pinene and caryophyllene, is attributed to its mood-lifting properties.

What will make me laugh when I’m high? 

Luckily, THC boosts blood flow to the part of the brain that induces laughter. Lots of stuff that wouldn’t normally make you laugh may seem way funnier when you’re high. Try catching up on a lighthearted TV show or movie and get your giggle on. 

What’s the most euphoric weed strain?

While many strains on this list--such as Durban Poison and Laughing Buddha--can cause euphoric sensations, it’s best to live by the phrase: different strokes for different folks. Every stoner has different preferences! We encourage you to define “euphoria” for yourself and seek the strain that works best for you.

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