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Vapor Batteries - Here's What You Need To Know

Vape pen batteries are one of the main components you’ll need if you’re interested in vaping cannabis. As a general rule, vapers do their research and pick out a vapor battery before purchasing THC extract (oil or concentrates). 

New cannabis customers, being unfamiliar with the market, may not know what to make of vape technology. The market is constantly shifting, new terms pop up left and right, meanwhile some buyers who don’t know what to look for feel like they can never keep up. 

Rest assured, this guide has all the beginner-level information you need to confidently buy a vape pen battery. 

What is a vapor battery?

The first question to ask yourself is what you want to vape. THC/CBD oil (aka e-juice) is the most popular and accessible way to vape cannabis. More advanced vapers can choose from concentrates like dabs or shatter

Why does this matter? Well, the form of cannabis needs to work with the vape model, although some vape pen batteries work with mix-and-match forms (ex: one pen for both dry herb and concentrate).  

To help you understand the differences between extract types and battery requirements, reference the chart below:

Cannabis Extract Type

How to Vape

Battery Needed 

Best For

Dry Herb

Desktop (charge with outlet)/Portable pens 

Type: lithium-ion, manual or automatic

Compatibility: 510-thread cartridge

  • Ages 21+ (young and old)
  • Stretching out your stash.
  • Oil

    Portable pens (cartridges - can refill or buy pre-filled, *box mods have built-in battery)

    Type: lithium-ion, manual or automatic

    Compatibility: 510-thread cartridge

  • Quick vaping. Connect the cartridge to the battery. 
  • Trying terpenes. 
  • Concentrates (wax/shatter) 

    Portable pens (with pre-loaded or refillable chambers)/dab rigs (glass piece - no battery required)  

    Type: lithium-ion, manual or automatic

    Compatibility: 510-thread cartridge

  • Advanced vapers with a high tolerance. 
  • At-home vaping (you have to load sticky extract). 

  • How to choose vape pen batteries

    Among the types of extracts, there is some variability when it comes to the extraction method and heating process. You can learn more about that here, but with the power source (aka the battery and charger), things are much simpler.   

    What kind of batteries does a vape use?

    There are two types of vape batteries: manual and automatic. Automatic batteries work as soon as you connect the cartridge to the battery thanks to an internal activation switch. Manual batteries feature a button that you click to turn on/off and activate the heating element. 

    People will make arguments for both types, but here’s the deal: manual batteries let you control voltage. If you’re vaping cannabis, having the ability to switch between different voltage settings allows you to customize the intensity of the airflow and experience the full flavor of extracts. 

    Automatic batteries don’t always come with this feature, which from the vaper’s standpoint is a true shame. This manual Compass battery (here at Vessel) has four voltage settings so you can control the speed and heat of your hits. 

    Invariably, most vape pens on the market have you twist the cartridge onto the battery, exposing the oil for all to see. Discretion is one factor that new cannabis consumers may overlook, but drop-in designs (like the Compass), keep the oil out of sight. 

    If you’re looking for the classic pen-style vape, the Expedition series (also a manual battery) can help you stay under the radar as you vape. The drop-in feature gives you peace of mind whether you’re vaping freely or around disapproving people. 

    Where to buy the best vape batteries

    You can find vape batteries in headshops, dispensaries, gas stations, and online. When possible, avoid inexpensive and poorly made gas station models. Investing in a decent vape battery and replacement battery that is rechargeable will save you money in the long run, plus quality brands often offer a warranty on defective batteries. 

    Every vape at Vessel comes with a 6-month warranty. You know, just in case! 


    Do vape batteries need to be replaced?

    Many vapes have rechargeable options with a large battery capacity. You can even get a battery case to keep it safe. However, there may be some cases in which you’ll need to replace a rechargeable battery if it becomes damaged or lost. 

    What is the voltage of a vapor battery?

    There is a range of vape pen battery voltages and variable voltage styles. 3.3v and 4.8v is the average voltage. 

    To sum it up

    Picking out a vapor battery is one of the easier decisions you’ll make as a new vaper. Most cartridges, whether they’re compatible with dry herb, oil, or concentrates, fit with 510-thread batteries (an industry standard). After that, it’s essentially a question of choosing a battery type. Automatic batteries may be quicker to use, but manual batteries offer more in the way of customization. The choice is yours.