5 Things to Know About Vaping CBD

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As the cannabis market continues to boom, so do CBD vapes. 

Vaping CBD has become the method of choice for many CBD consumers because it's cost-effective, fast-acting, and bioavailable, which means the body can make more use of the CBD faster than other methods.

Although, like much of the cannabis industry, CBD vape products can be unregulated, so it's important for consumers to stay informed about CBD vaping, and to know what products are right for their body and cannabis experience.

Here are five things you should know about vaping CBD:

1. CBD vape oil or CBD flower

When vaping CBD, you may find yourself choosing between CBD vape oil or CBD flower. 

Essentially, CBD vape oil is extracted from hemp into a consumable concentrate, while CBD flower is the plant itself, but just dried, trimmed and processed for consumption.  

Each method of consumption offers its positives and negatives, and your choice should depend on how you and your body want to experience CBD. 

CBD vape oil has a higher concentration of CBD because most extraction processes try to isolate the chemical compound. Vape oils will have anywhere from 60-80% CBD with the addition of varying levels of terpenes and other compounds to create an elevated experience of flavor and taste. 

It's also important to note that vaping oil will often require a need for a quality vape pen like those produced by Vessel. Vaping CBD oil can be a more efficient consumption method than vaping CBD flower because it's discreet and portable. 

In comparison, CBD flower offers a less concentrated dose of CBD but offers a more complete cannabis experience with more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds. Most CBD-potent flower will have about 7-15% CBD, and depending on the brand, will contain some traces of THC. 

This is important to understand because some brands will only have traces, while others may have high enough levels of THC where you could experience a low-grade high. If you want the benefits of both CBD and THC, then vaping CBD flower should be your consumption method of choice. Although you will need a portable dry-herb vaporizer or a tabletop volcano, which are significantly less discreet than a CBD oil vape that can fit in your pocket.  

2. Which CBD vape oil should you use?

If you decide that CBD vape oil will be best for your cannabis experience, then you have three options when it comes to choosing what kind of CBD vape oil to use: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. The choice depends on your target effect and feeling. 

Full-spectrum CBD products contain everything from cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active compounds, in addition to CBD. Consumers who use full-spectrum CBD products, including vape oil, often praise the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect theorizes that the experience is elevated when all-natural ingredients of the cannabis plant are working in conjunction. This means there is a possibility for traces of THC. If you're trying to avoid THC, then avoid full-spectrum products.

Broad-spectrum CBD products contain everything from the plant but without the presence of THC. Essentially, broad-spectrum CBD vape oils still allow the opportunity for the entourage effect, but to a lesser degree since it doesn't include THC. 

CBD-isolate products are exactly how they sound, pure CBD, without any other ingredients. This maximizes the wellness qualities of CBD but minimizes the essence, taste, and aroma of the plant. 

3. How to read a CBD label?

In the unregulated industry of cannabis, it's important to know how to read a label and to know what to look for. 

When reading labels and researching companies, look for these answers: 

  • Where was the cannabis harvested? 

 (Cannabis harvested in the U.S. tends to be more regulated) 

  • What type of CBD is it (i.e., full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate)?
  • How much THC is present?
  • What other ingredients are present?
  • Is it organic?
  • Was it third-party approved? 

A reputable brand will make it easy for the consumer to read their labels and be transparent about what their product offers.

4. Where to buy CBD for vaping?

What are other signs of a brand that sells legal and high-quality CBD oil for vaping? 

First things first, if the CBD is derived from cannabis rather than hemp, then make sure you are purchasing from a brand in a legal state that has access to dispensaries. These brands will be the best places to purchase and consume full-spectrum products because they should be in accordance with local laws and lab tests. 

When it comes to products derived from the hemp plant that contains less than 0.3% THC, then the unregulated market becomes harder to navigate since you can purchase CBD products from anywhere, including dispensaries, grocery stores, online retailers, and websites. 

There are a number of indicators that should attract or repel you from making a purchase. 

Look for companies that specialize in only a few products. Support brands that not only test their products through a third-party lab but also make those results readily available. And purchase from businesses embracing the future: QR codes on CBD labels.  

Also, it's important to beware of companies that take advantage of the lack of regulations and use propylene glycol or other harmful chemicals in their vape cartridges. This solvent can break down into formaldehyde at high temperatures, and expose you to a possible carcinogen. 

Available certificates of analysis from laboratories are crucial in helping consumers detail exactly what ingredients and chemicals, if any, are used in cannabis products. 

5. How is vaping CBD different from ingesting it? 

Since the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 legalized hemp-derived CBD, the market has boomed with various products and consumption methods. So what's the difference and impact of vaping versus ingesting?

When compared to edibles or tinctures, vaping is by far the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD because the inhalation process allows it to reach the bloodstream in 10 minutes or less depending on the person. Although it's harder to dose when vaping CBD, pens with different settings are making it easier to meter out doses and help individualize your cannabis experience. 

To sum it up

Vaping CBD is a popular consumption method for cannabis-users because it's effective, efficient, and easy to use, but in order to create the optimal CBD experience, it's important to ask questions, do your research and support reputable brands, just like with any other cannabis products you may use. 

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