Rolling Tray Materials: What You Need to Roll Your Weed

Introduction to Rolling Trays

It’s hard trying to roll up when all of your joint rolling accessories are scattered all over the house. If your favorite lighter goes missing every other day, or you constantly sit down to roll then realize your grinder is in the other room, then a rolling tray might be for you. With the use of a rolling tray, you’ll always stay organized with your smoking tools, and you’ll never accidentally spill your weed on the floor again.


You may have thought to yourself, “I can roll without a tray,” or “I can just use this plate to roll up,” but there are plenty of benefits of a rolling tray that will make your rolling experience much easier. A high-quality-rolling tray has much to offer. This article will introduce you to what a rolling tray is, why someone would use one, what materials you’ll need on your tray, and why they’re so important while you’re rolling up. 


What is a rolling tray?

In simple terms, a rolling tray is a flat, rectangular surface with a raised edge that allows you to roll your weed with all of your accessories in one space while minimizing herb spillage. Rolling trays can be made out of many different materials, like plastic, bamboo, tin, and aluminum. Mostly joint and blunt rollers find rolling trays to be the most useful, but any stoner who wants to keep all their smoking items in one place might use one, too. Trays can transform your whole smoking experience.


What materials do you need on your rolling tray?

Rolling trays are important to keep all of your smoking tools in one spot. There’s nothing more frustrating than starting the rolling process then realizing you can’t find your papers or your lighter! Or, if your cat walks by and knocks over your grinder packed with weed, spilling it all over the floor. In order to have a smooth rolling experience, you’ll need the items below on your rolling tray. 


Your bag of herb 

It’s important to have this handy during the rolling process so that you don’t have to get up to grab it after you’ve already ground your weed and pulled out your paper. 


Trays are big enough that you’re able to have a container of weed on them ready for you to reach into. Before you pack your joint, you’ll first want to make sure you have some good weed handy. Without the herb, there will be no rolling process. You can grab some of your favorite Indica or Sativa at a local smoke shop. Make sure to grind up your weed so you can pack a blunt or joint with it. The tray will make sure to catch any weed that spills while you pack your joint.

Rolling Papers

Without these, you can’t start the rolling process!


You’ll want to make sure that a pack of these is handy on your tray, so you don’t need to get up and search for them after you sit down and start to grind your weed. Many smokers might accidentally leave them in their pocket, which can bend or rip them, so it’s best to leave them on your rolling tray. Before you roll your weed, make sure to grind it up into small enough pieces so you can roll a pearled joint. You can buy the papers of your choice online, at your local smoke shop, or at a convenience store. 


Your grinder

Without this, it’ll be impossible to roll a blunt or joint that hits smoothly. 


It’s crucial to have your grinderhandy, so you can have your weed ready once you want to start rolling up. Grinders are key because breaking your flower down into small pieces helps it fully burn through for a better high. You do this by taking off the lid, placing some weed in, then grinding it side to side. Once your weed is in small pieces, it’ll fall through to the bottom. Then, you’ll grab the weed from the bottom of the grinder and put it directly in your paper before you roll it up. 

Your lighter

This is what you’ll need to spark up that joint. 


Everyone has a favorite lighter they keep on their rolling tray so they can smoke their finely crafted joint. Make sure to be careful lighting up joints because they can catch on fire if you don’t light them correctly. YouTube can be your best friend when it comes to properly lighting a joint. There are different types of lighters you can use, but with a joint, you can use a traditional or acarbon lighter

To sum it up

Rolling trays are a must-have for both veteran and new smokers. They make your rolling experience go much smoother and allow you to roll an even better joint. You’ll also never accidentally drop your weed on the carpet again! Whether you want to roll with it on your lap or put it on the table, these trays can become every roller's best friend.


What is a rolling tray set?

Rolling tray sets include a rolling tray, a grinder, a lighter, papers, and a tin to keep your weed in. These sets include all of the items you’ll need to roll up. 

What is a luxury rolling tray?

Luxury trays can include handmade pieces, designer trays like Supreme, or any high- end tray. Raw is another example of a popular luxury rolling tray. 

Can you buy a wooden rolling tray?

Yes, there are wooden rolling trays. They are very sturdy and thicker than other rolling trays made of tin or aluminum.

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