How To Smoke Live Resin

How To Smoke Live Resin

Knowinghow to smoke live resin is almost a rite of passage for any seasoned vaper. Since its creation back in 2013, it’s quickly become one of the most popular ways to enjoycannabis resin. Many cannabis enthusiasts go to live resin for its potent effects and rich flavor and aroma profile.

If you're new to all this and keen to give live resin a try, we've got you covered. Today, we’ll explore the many different ways you can smoke and enjoy live resin. Let’s start!

How to smoke live resin step by step

Smoking live resin is as easy as 1-2-3-4 steps. We’ll break down each for you in detail below.

Step 1:Select your smoking apparatus

Step 2:Prep all your materials

Step 3:Heat it up

Step 4: Inhale and enjoy

Smoking live resin, explained

If you’re familiar with a dry pipe, bong, or dab rig, smoking live resin should be a breeze. But if this is new territory for you, no worries—it’s really straightforward.

Step 1: Select your smoking apparatus

Choose your preferred smoking tool. If you want something simple with minimal setup, a dry pipe is best. If you want a cooler and smoother hit, a bong is the better choice.

Vessel Pipe

If you want something that’s specially designed for concentrates, you can also opt for a dab ring to really bring out the potency and flavor of live resin. Each method offers a different experience, so think about what kind of session you’re aiming for.

Step 2: Gather all your materials

Have a checklist for everything you need for the session for a smooth experience:

  • Live resin (of course)
  • A lighter or torch
  • A dabber
  • Clean, fresh water in your bong (if you’re using a bong)

Step 3: Prepare the resin

Live resin is thick and sticky, so handle it with care. Use a dabber tool to get a portion of live resin and pack it into the bowl of the pipe, dab rig, or bong. If you’re a beginner, be mindful of how much you put in. Start with a small amount and gradually increase if needed.

If you’re using a dab rig or bong, make sure to start fresh with clean water for a smooth, clean hit.

Step 4: Heat it up

Take your lighter or torch and heat the base of where the live resin is.

For dry pipe: Keep the flame just close enough to melt the resin without directly burning it. Inhale slowly as the resin vaporizes. Since you’re heating the pipe directly, be aware that the pipe may get too hot to handle. You may want to use oven mitts when handling the pipe.

For bong: Similar to the dry pipe, just apply heat to the bowl and wait for the live resin to vaporize.

For dag rig: Add heat to the nail until it’s hot enough to start vaporizing the live resin. Cover the carb cap and inhale deeply.

Step 5: Inhale and enjoy

Take your time to enjoy the rich flavor, aroma, and effects of live resin.

But after you’re done, make sure you clean your pipe. It might be a hassle, but you’ll thank your past self for doing so. You see, live resin can be sticky enough to clog your pipe if left uncleaned.

Can you smoke live resin by itself?

Yes, you can smoke live resin by itself! Live resin is a highly concentrated form of cannabis, so it’s highly potent and has a rich aroma and flavor profile. To fully appreciate its natural flavors and effects, we recommend you use smoking tools specially designed to smoke concentrates, like dag rigs or vaporizers.

What device is best for smoking live resin?

There’s no best device for smoking live resin because it all really comes down to personal preference. For example, dab rigs are great for their efficiency in flavor and potency, making them a favorite for those who enjoy a strong, clean hit. Vaporizers are another excellent option, especially for those seeking convenience and smoother hits. While less commonly used for live resin, bongs and pipes can still be used to smoke live resin, especially if those are the only tools you have at your disposal.

Can I put live resin in my blunt?

Yes, adding live resin to a joint or blunt can give a boost of flavor and potency to your flower. However, keep in mind that live resin vaporizes quickly and at a lower temperature than dry flower. Exposing it to high heat, like in a blunt, can degrade its terpenes and flavonoids, which may negatively affect your smoking experience. To get the best results, watch the temperature closely and try not to let the blunt burn too hot.


Live resin is known for its high potency and flavorful terpene profile, making it a great choice for a rich cannabis experience. You can enjoy it in various ways, whether smoked on its own using a dab rig or vaporizer or combined with flower in a joint or blunt. The key is to choose a method that fits your tastes and preferences. 

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