How To Prevent Weed Grinders From Wearing Out

A weed grinder is arguably the most efficient way to prepare and enjoy your herb, as opposed to doing it by hand. The device helps you cut, break and crush your cannabis into small fine particles in a uniform consistency. 

Stoners can choose from various devices available in numerous colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. Moreover, weed grinders are available online, in a smoke store, or a head shop. Shop your favorite grinder from Vessel

Do weed grinders wear out?

As the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end." And even bad ones (low-quality do, just more rapidly. So yes, weed grinders wear out.

However, it all depends on various factors, like the type, material, and brand of your herb grinder. That's why we always emphasize more on getting a quality herb grinder, especially from a reputable brand like Vessel brand. Color, shape, and design are just for your preference.  

What makes a herb grinder wear out?

The most apparent reason is quality. Low-quality grinders tend to wear out more quickly and lose finish and touch than high-quality ones. 

Therefore, when buying a weed grinder, you want to get the highest quality in the market—one made with durable materials and the latest technology.

For instance, you can consider the Vessel Mill grinder. This high-quality device is a perfect grinder for dry herb. 

Here's why we recommend it;

  • Features 3-piece, precision-engineered aluminum with wood inlay. Aluminum is a highly durable and recyclable material. The wood inlay is classic. 
  • Magnetic lid
  • Lightweight and easy to carry—weighs 62g/2.2oz
  • One-year limited warranty included

So, when you get a high-quality, well-designed herb grinder like the Vessel iller grinder, it will take years, if not decades, before it wears out.

How to know when your grinder is worn out

There's no set lifespan of a herb grinder. It all depends on the quality of your device and how often you use it. But generally, every herb grinder will need to be replaced at some point. 

So, how do you tell your grinder is worn out and needs a replacement? 

Uneven grind

The job of your herb grinder is to help you break down cannabis into fine particles for easy consumption. Now, if you're not getting that fine grind, it means the device is not doing its job and needs a replacement. 

Ideally, grinders have small blades/teeth that crush the cannabis into fine particles. However, the grinder's teeth wear down in certain areas over time. Hence, the device delivers an inconsistent grind. If this happens, it might be time to say farewell to your grinder.

Jams during grinding

All the grinder parts must work seamlessly when breaking up your cannabis. However, sometimes the grinder's body may clog and refuse to spin. 

This usually happens when the device accumulates too much buildup and needs cleaning or when it has neared its end of life. 

You might try cleaning up the grinder to see if it works. If not, get a new high-quality herb grinder and continue enjoying your herb in a fine consistency. 

A broken seal

The grinder's seal prevents trace amounts of your precious herb from seeping out. However, the seal may wear down due to overuse. Therefore, your device will open up when grinding your cannabis, creating a mess. 

So, if your grinder's seal breaks down, you might want to invest in a high-quality, innovative herb grinder, like the Vessel mill grinder.

Residue of the grinder in your grind

When you have a low-quality herb grinder, pieces may come off and mix into your grind. It could be pieces of worn down blades, or the grinder's coating is flaking.

Therefore, if you notice this, your old friend is probably tired and worn out, and you need to get a new one.

The grinder's teeth are too dull

You won't get a fine grind if your grinder's teeth are dull. Your grinder's teeth and the kief catcher are the first parts to experience wear and tear.

For instance, it will only take a month or less before the teeth of an inferior grinder, perhaps made of plastic, break off.

However, your grinder's blades should always be sharp to deliver a fine grind. You can find out the sharpness by looking at and touching the edges of the blades. If they are dull, consider investing in a high-quality herb grinder from a reputable brand like Vessel.

How To Prevent Your Grinder From Wearing Out Quickly

Truth be told, you can't stop your grinder from wearing out. However, you can make it last longer. Here are some tips to make your grinder last for an extended period.

Get a high-quality grinder

It all starts when you make your purchase. The market is full of grinders from different brands in different materials, sizes, and designs. And as technology continues to make its way into the industry, we should expect more and more designs and models. 

But you don't want to buy any grinder you come across in the market. There's more that goes into choosing the suitable model for your specific needs. However, the quality aspect should always prevail. An example of a good-quality herb grinder is the Vessel Mill grinder.

Clean it regularly

One of the basic yet essential ways to make your herb grinder last longer is to clean it more often. Grinders become clogged and dirty after use. You should give your grinder a light clean after every use. 

However, depending frequency of use, you should deep clean your device after every week or month. Moreover, the cleaning method varies depending on your grinder type. For instance, clean metal grinders using boiled water or soak them in isopropyl alcohol. For plastic grinders, avoid solvent-based solutions to prevent damage.

Follow these steps to clean your grinder;

  1. Take it apart: disassemble the grinder to clean each component. If it's an electric grinder, ensure you unplug it before taking it apart. Also, do it carefully to avoid damaging the components. 
  2. 2. Brush any leftovers: use a soft toothbrush to get rid of any leftovers onto a paper plate. 
  3. Wash the grinder: use water and dish soap to clean your grinder. Then, use a toothbrush to scrub in between the grinder's teeth.
  4. Rinse and dry: rinse your device thoroughly under running water to eliminate all soapy residue. Then, air-dry the grinder before reassembling it.

Store your grinder well

After using your grinder, you should keep it in a safe place, for instance, a protective bag or case. However, most modern grinders are small and easy to store—some fit inside your pocket. 

Also, avoid carrying it around loose in a bag of heavy items to prevent damage, especially when traveling. Instead, store it separately to minimize the chances of breaking.

Get a high-quality grinder from Vessel

Herb grinders make achieving a fine and consistent grind easier and effortless. However, low-quality grinders tend to wear out much faster. While you can prevent wear and tear by cleaning your device regularly and storing it well, the secret is to purchase a high-quality grinder.

Looking for the best piece to deliver a fine grind while withstanding the test of time? Visit Vessel to find the best high-quality herb grinder. 


How do you know that your herb grinder is worn off?

It delivers uneven grind, jams during grinding and the teeth are too dull. Also, if the seal is broken, you might need a new grinder.

How do you make your grinder last longer?

Clean your device more often after each use. Store it well and separately from other things. However, the real secrete is finding a high-quality herb grinder from a reputable brand like Vessel. Visit our site to pick your ideal piece.

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