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How To Achieve The High You Want While Smoking Cannabis

Not all highs are created equal. Some highs will look and feel just like the movies portray them: half asleep, glued to one’s comfy couch. Some highs will look and feel like quite the opposite: full of creative juices, tackling one’s lengthy to-do list. The versatility and variety of cannabis is part of what makes it such an interesting plant, and, what enables such a customizable smoking experience. 

Many factors contribute to the type of high — and how high — someone will get when using cannabis. From different strains, to different terpene profiles, cannabis is essentially a “choose your own adventure” activity for smokers looking for the best high out there. Ultimately though, those attempting to figure out how to get higher or establish what gives them the best high should look inward toward their own personal preferences. 

Understand what type of high you want

The world of cannabis is as wide as it is deep with regards to customization. Thanks to its variety in type, form and consumption method, cannabis allows for users to choose what kind of high they want instead of settling for just one type of experience. It’s entirely up to the user to determine what creates the best high for them. 

For example, it’s become incredibly popular to implement cannabis into one’s nighttime routine as a way to relax and unwind. Some use cannabis specifically to help them sleep and lean into that classic “couched” feeling. However, it’s just as common and achievable to use cannabis for a positive boost of energy and increased productivity. The same can even be said for those looking into how to get higher and achieve those more psychedelic feelings from the plant. 

Choose the right strain

One of the more straight-forward ways to achieve one’s desired high is to determine what kind of strain suits them best. Different strains can easily create vastly different types of highs. Even then, not every strain has the same effect on every user. To break it down in a basic fashion, there are essentially three main strain types: indicas, sativas and hybrids. These strain categories are, more often than not, what smokers and budtenders alike will use as a fundamental guide to organize different individual strains and their typical effects. 

Indica strains are considered by many to have more relaxing, soothing and sedative effects, while sativa strains are thought to have more energizing, focus-enhancing and uplifting effects. Hybrid strains are unique in that they typically produce a variety of the aforementioned effects in a more balanced way. This is all to say, different strain varieties can have a huge impact on one’s high and overall experience with cannabis. 

Exploring one step beyond this, different CBD and THC percentages in strains can also have an effect on the type of high users have. Because THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that produces the feeling of being high, a large THC percentage can be a great indicator in how high a product may make someone. CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive ingredient and is more often associated with helping to relieve anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. 

Choose the right consumption method

Apart from the cannabis itself, the variety of consumption methods that users are presented with can have a significant effect on their high. With so many options — smoking, vaping, edibles, joints, bongs, bowls, pens, etc. — users are able to figure out which method is best for them and their needs. 

For example, utilizing edibles may provide users with more of a full-body high since the cannabis is actually be digested rather than ingested / inhaled. Conversely, smoking a typical joint may prompt more of a “head high” and provide more mental effects than physical. A novice to smoking may also prefer to simply puff on a sleek vape pen, rather than taking huge hits off of a bong fitted with a large bowl piece. 

However, this is not to say that any one consumption method is better at providing certain effects or results than another. Rather, these different methods merely supply users with an all-encompassing range of ways to achieve the best high. 

Curate your setting

While strains and consumption methods are very important factors to achieving your desired high, so are your surroundings. Your surroundings can have a huge impact on your mood and general state of mind, so it comes as no surprise this is only amplified under the influence of cannabis. Surely smoking in a dimly-lit basement and smoking outside under blue skies will produce different highs, but it can be a bit more nuanced than that.

Some find the weather and smoking outdoors to be incredibly freeing. Some would prefer to cozy up in bed with their favorite movies and snacks. Whether exploring the outdoors, or laying on the couch, bringing along comfort items or props can greatly improve your cannabis experience. Music, although not a physical prop, can also be great for curating a certain vibe. Above all, cannabis users should set themselves up for success by cultivating their most ideal and safe environment to achieve the best high possible. 

How to get higher

Sometimes achieving one’s desired high involves reaching new heights. For some, it can be a challenge figuring out how to get higher and experience more significant effects from cannabis. However, achieving a boosted high can be attained through a few different methods. 

For consistent cannabis users, taking a tolerance break can be an easy way to get higher without much effort. Reducing your average cannabis consumption or use can diminish tolerance, and therefore make smaller amounts seem more significant / get you higher. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if those new to cannabis find that that they’re not experiencing all of the effects they’d like to because they’ve started out too small, then smoking higher levels of THC may be an option. 

Experienced smokers may also try switching up their go-to strains or playing with different methods of consumption. For example: if someone accustomed to smoking a basic bong was considering how to get higher, they may try vaping for a different — and hopefully higher — experience. Edibles also present cannabis users with an alternative way of getting progressively higher over time without taking any extra measures. 

To sum it up

Smoking cannabis has always been — at its core — an experiment based on personal preference. The plant’s vast versatility in both form and consumption make it perfect for personalization. Through trial and error, users are able to learn more about their favorite cannabis strains, practices, and settings. In turn, this helps them achieve the high they’re looking for: the best high.