How To Fix a Disposable Vape - A Guide

How To Fix a Disposable Vape - A Guide

You’re looking forward to a relaxing puff… only to find out that your vape won’t hit. If you’re wondering how to fix a disposable vape, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll guide you from initial troubleshooting to exploring possible solutions. Let's dive into how you can get your disposable vape back up and running smoothly.

How to fix a disposable vape that won’t hit

In this section, we’ll break down the most common issues that might cause your vape to malfunction and discuss potential fixes for each.

1. Faulty battery 

Sometimes, the battery loses its charge prematurely or fails to heat the vape. 

How To Fix: First, charge your device to full power. Then, check if the power indicator shows any sign of life. However, if the battery is dead and the device is non-rechargeable, there's no fix.

2. Airflow blockage 

Dirt or residue can block the air path, making it hard to draw from the vape. 

How To Fix: Gently blow into the mouthpiece or use a small pin or toothpick to clear the airway holes. Be careful so that you won’t potentially damage any internal components.

3. Faulty coil 

The coil might burn out or fail to heat the vape juice effectively. 

How To Fix: First, check if the coil is properly connected to the battery. Note that coils in disposable vapes cannot be replaced, so if the coil is the issue, the vape needs to be replaced.

4. Trapped bubbles in the cartridge 

Sometimes, bubbles can clog up the pod or cartridge and prevent the vape from hitting. 

How To Fix: Tap the device gently against your hand to dislodge any bubbles around the wick and allow the juice to flow freely.

5. Ran out of vape juice 

If the vape juice is depleted or insufficient, the device won’t produce vapor. 

How To Fix: Unfortunately, once a disposable vape runs out of juice, it's time to responsibly dispose of it and get a new one.

6. Broken firing mechanism 

The device’s firing mechanism might be stuck or broken, preventing it from activating. 

How To Fix: Check if the button (if there is one) is stuck and gently try to jiggle it free. If it’s an auto-firing model and doesn’t hit, the device likely needs replacing.

7. Expired Vape 

All vapes have a shelf life, and using one past its prime can result in poor performance. 

How To Fix: Always check the expiration date before purchasing. If it’s expired, it’s best to just replace it.

Parts of a disposable vape

Here’s a breakdown of the parts of your disposable vape to give you a better idea of how your device works and what might go wrong.

  • Mouthpiece: This is what you use to inhale the vapor. It can become clogged with residue or break from physical damage, which can lead to restricted airflow or no vapor production.

Vessel mouth piece

  • Coil: Also known as the heating apparatus; it heats up the vape juice to produce vapor. It can degrade and burn out over time, depending on your frequency of usage, resulting in a burnt taste or no vapor production.
  • Pod or cartridge: It’s where your vape juice is located. Leakages or blockages within the cartridge can prevent the juice from reaching the coil, leading to dry hits or no vapor production at all.
  • Battery: The battery powers the coil to heat the vape juice and produce vapor. Batteries can deplete over time or completely fail due to manufacturing defects.

Can you make a disposable vape work again?

It depends. In some cases, yes, especially if the issue is just a clogged vape or a battery connection needing adjustment. However, if the battery is depleted or the vape juice has run out, it's time to dispose of it responsibly and consider getting a new one.

How to unclog a disposable vape?

  1. Examine the mouthpiece: Check for visible debris, dirt, or gunk that may have caused a blockage.
  2. Blow into the mouthpiece: Gently blow into the mouthpiece while covering the other end, to push out any potential clogs.
  3. Gentle tap: Lightly tap the device against your hand to loosen any blockage.
  4. Use a toothpick or needle: Carefully insert a toothpick or needle into the mouthpiece to remove debris. Take care not to damage anything inside by using gentle strokes.
  5. Test your vape: After attempting to unclog, draw gently to see if airflow has been restored.

To sum it up

If your disposable vape isn't working, don't worry. There are several potential fixes you can try, from unclogging the mouthpiece to ensuring a clean battery connection. With the right troubleshooting steps and fixing know-how, you can extend the lifespan of your vape. However, it’s also important to remember that disposable vapes have a limited lifespan and sometimes, replacing them is the only option.

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