How To Deep Clean Your Cone?

There are many ways to enjoy a delicious bowl of dry herb cannabis, and one of our favorites is the signature Cone. Larger than a one-hitter but lightweight and delightfully pocket-sized, Cone uses VESSEL's signature double-helix filter technology to provide a cooler, tastier hit. You can take your Cone to the park, to the cannabis lounge, or halfway up a mountain, but eventually, you will want to clean it.

Cleaning your pipes is an essential part of enjoying dry leaf cannabis, as any practiced toker can tell you the downsides of a dirty bowl - even one as high-tech as the Cone. So how do you clean an advanced metal cone-shaped pipe with a double-helix filter? Is there a special method to clean the Cone? We're glad you asked!

Cleaning your Cone is easier to do than you may realize, all you need is a few basic household supplies and five to ten minutes.

Method : The Soak, Scrub & Dry


  • Small Pot of Water
  • Bowl or Tupperware the Cone Fits Into
    • Lid or Cover
  • Toothpick or Curved Plastic Kief Scraper
  • Rubber-Tipped Tongs
  • Dry rag or towel

It's important not to actually boil your Cone, but steamy water will do the trick.

First, take apart your cone and use a kief scraper or toothpick to loosen the debris. Scrub the cone pieces onto a paper towel to shake off anything you can.

Then heat a small pot of water until it's steamy hot, barely simmering, but not yet boiling. Place the pieces of your Cone in a bowl where it can lie mostly flat and pour the hot water into the bowl. Cover the bowl and leave your pieces to 'steep' for about 10 minutes. Come back and swap/scrape/wipe the softened resin off of everything. If the bowl is still steamy, use the rubber tongs to remove pieces, then rinse with warm water.

Finally, dry your pipe with a cloth or rag to ensure that there’s no remaining moisture. 

How to Preserve Your Cone's Metal Finish While Cleaning

Each Cone has a layer of chrome and gold electroplated on the surface of the stem. This makes your cone beautiful and delightful to handle, but it's not impervious. To protect your finish, don't use temperatures higher than 300 Celcius (572 Fahrenheit) multiple times. While water boils at 100 C (212 F), this is why we advise that you use near-boiling but not fully boiling water, and not to super-heat the ends of your cone unnecessarily. 

Overheating the cone's finish to 300C or above multiple times can cause the outer layer to peel off. It is also important not to use alcohol to clean the stem while the pipe is still hot from a hot water clean.

There is a layer of chrome and gold electroplated on the surface of the stem, which can only bear with temperature under 300 Celsius. So when the stem is heated up over 300 Celsius multiple times, the outer layer could peel off. And if you clean the stem with alcohol when it is still hot, the layer could still peel off too. 

Enjoy Fresh Bowls From Your Beautifully Clean Cone

Keeping your Cone clean and fresh is easy once you work out your favorite routine using everyday household items like salt, isopropyl, and plastic baggies. For more tips and tricks on how to rock your VESSEL cannabis vessels, contact us today!


How Long Does It Take to Clean a Cone?

It takes only 5-10 minutes to clean your Cone dry herb pipe.

Can You Clean a Cone with Boiling Water?

Yes, but don't drop your Cone into a boiling pot - you could resinate the pot. Instead, use near-boiling water in a bowl.

Can I Just Clean the Cone Bowl?

Yes. If you want to quickly clean the Cone chamber to make room for a new bowl of dry leaf, simply heat the area and scrape with an angled or curved plastic kief scraper.


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