Best Weed Strains For Road Trips.

A road trip is one of those great opportunities for adventure and relaxation, so it's no surprise that you're planning to pack some cannabis for the road. The right weed strains can enhance your trip experience, help ease the aches of long-term sitting, and help you to remain chill just in case stress pops up along the way. Of course, choosing the right weed game plan for your road trip is key to having the best possible time - and avoiding a bad time in certain circumstances.

Here at VESSEL, our passion is style, comfort and ease. Everything we do is pocket-sized and travel-friendly because we know that when you're out of the house is when you need that good-good the most. As road trip pros and cannabis connoisseurs, we're delighted to bring you our favorite road trip weed strains and more than a few tips on how to have a truly great time with your road trip cannabis experience. 

Road Trip Weed: Driving vs Riding

When planning weed to make your road trip awesome, it's important to draw the line between driving strains and riding strains. Because THC is technically intoxicant (and slows your reaction times), prioritize high-CBD hemp strains for driving, and more relaxed THC strains for passengers. This will help everyone maintain the right level of chill and able to have fun while sharing long hours in the car.

Driving Cannabis: A Really Good CBD

Driving for a road trip, always have some hemp-based CBD weed with you. "Hemp" means that the THC content is less than 0.3%, so it's going to get you high, but can provide relaxing pain relief.

Favor strains that are both high in CBD and with terpenes that promote both pain relief and focus for the best experience.

Best CBD Strains for Road Trip Drivers

1. Lifter

Lifter is a clear-mind cannabis CBD strain with less than 0.3% THC and a great mix of terpenes. It is known to provide euphoria, energy, and focus which is great for drivers looking to relax without reducing their skills on the road. You can detect it's uplifting terpene blend by the pine-lemon aroma.

2. Sour Diesel

Diesel is a notorious Sativa parent, meaning an uplifting and cerebral terpene blend. Sour Diesel is a high-potency CBD strain that provides both energy and soothing relaxation.  This is known as a great daytime strain and good for drivers seeking to minimize body pain.

3. OG Kush

Despite the hardcore name, OG Kush is a mid-high CBD strain with little to no THC. But don't let that fol you. It has instant potent effects for pain relief and relaxation, while being known as a relaxing day-time weed with a sweet kush flavor. 

Along for the Ride: Chill and Euphoric THC Strains

As for your passengers, you will have the best road trip experience with chill euphoric strains that make it easy to enjoy the ride. Hybrids are often a great choice because the provide a nice blend between the body-relaxing effects of an Indica with the mentally stimulating adventure-enhancing effects of a Sativa.

Best Weed Strains for Road Trip Passengers

1. Blueberry Diesel

Blueberry Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a great body high. This strain has a fruity flavor and is ideal to share and enjoy, while especially useful for passengers who suffer from body aches or motion sickness on car trips. If you're looking to kick back and enjoy the ride, Blueberry diesel will keep the conversation lively and your body comfortable.

2. Wifi or White Fire OG

This strain is a great hybrid with a few different names. If you prefer an indica-dominant daytime strain, WiFi is a great choice known for it's potency and travel benefits. It has a wakeful aroma of citrus and pepper, with uplifting yet relaxing effects perfect for your chill passenger experience - or for taking on hikes when you stop the car.

3. Headband

Looking for a strain that's perfect for adventure and conversation? Activate your brain with Headband, a sativa-leaning hybrid blend of high THC Sour Diesel and OG Kush. This long-lasting strain is called Headband due to the slight feeling you will get around the top of your head as your thoughts are activated and your body relaxes.

How to Pack a Road Trip Weed Kit with Everything You Need

Load Up on Drinks and Snacks

You are going to get the munchies. On a road trip, you don't even need weed to begin hungering for your favorite convenience-store goodies, but you also don't have to blow your budget on chips and melty soda. Instead, be smart and pack ahead.

Pack the Cooler with Drinks

Start with a cooler full of sodas, water, and sports drinks. Use cooler packs instead of ice, the right ones can last for 5+ hours on the road and don't leave a mess to dump out and you can save a bundle on convenience store drinks.

Load a Backpack of Snacks

Throw a few sandwiches into the cooler and fill a backpack with the kind of finger foods that are easy to enjoy mess-free as passengers and to hand carefully to your driver.

Bonus: Stop at the Grocery Store

For really long trips, you can get the best snacks at a good price by swinging by a grocery store instead of a convenience store. It's, like, 5-10 extra minutes of walking to stretch your legs for awesome finds like party platters, fresh apples, and deli foods that won't have you making an emergency pit-stop.

Roll a Few Joints for the Road

Want to enjoy a weed-fueled road trip the OG way? Roll up a few joints before you hit the road. One of the best containers for pre-rolls and hand-rolled joints is an old Altoids box. 

Not an ace at joint rolling? Don't worry, most people aren't. You don't have to be a pro hand-roller. Pick up a pre-roll pack for the road, fill up cones, or use a roller tool for papers.

Crack the Windows for Safe Venting: Don't Hotbox on the Road

Hot-boxing is for when you're stopped at the drive-in with friends or a sweetheart. Toking on the road, however, you'll want to crack the windows.

Know Your Legal Geography

As we wrap up, let's not forget legal cannabis boundaries at state lines. Either choose 100% hemp-only strains or be prepared empty your stuff, wash it out, and then stock up on the other side if you are driving from one legalized state to another.

How to Cross State Lines on a THC Road Trip

To cross state lines from one THC state to another (with maybe a non-legal state in between), be prepared tobe THC-free during key legal moments. When you cross state lines or are inside a non-legal state, you'll need to toke up your last (and toss what's left, sorry) then wash out all containers and pens before crossing the border.

Then, stock back up as you pass the next legal dispenary.

Stop and Smell the Flower(s)

Last but not least, make plans to stop for adventure and wonder. Weed-fueled road trips make that scenic stop halfway up the mountain into the perfect place to park, stretch your legs, and enjoy an open-air toke. That legendary BBQ restaurant in a city you pass through is the perfect place to grab a cannabis-enhanced lunch along the way.

Cannabis Road Tripping with VESSEL

Here at VESSEL, cannabis on the go is our specialty, so you can bet we know how to road trip. Whether you're building your shopping list of the best weed strains for a road trip or packing the perfect toke-kit, we've got the supplies and the insight you need to have a really great time. Because we've been there. Contact us today or browse the blog and shop for more inspiration before your wonderful weed-fuelled trip.

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