Cannabis Infused Restaurant Experiences To Try

Cannabis Infused Restaurant Experiences To Try

Known for its versatility, cannabis can be enjoyed in different ways, like smoking, dabbing, tinctures, and, of course, edibles. That’s why it’s not surprising for many foodies and culinary experts to start cooking up ideas on how to incorporate this versatile plant into different dishes.

This, along with the sweeping legalization of cannabis in the country, encouraged the spread of cannabis-infused dining across the states. If you’re eager to try out weed-themed culinary creations, keep reading as we list the best spots forcannabis-infused restaurant experiences.

Top cannabis-infused restaurant experiences in the U.S

While cannabis-infused dining hasn’t fully taken off in the country, there are a fair number of weed-inspired eateries across the U.S. Here are some of the best cannabis-infused restaurants worth checking out: 


Stoned Pizza in Brooklyn

235 E 4th St, New York, NY 10009, United States

Price: $120/person for 5-course meal

Exploringweed-infused restaurants in NYC? STONED Pizza presents NY patrons with a five-course cannabis-themed tasting menu for $120 per person. The fixed menu includes a variety of appetizers, an entrée, desserts, and unlimited sodas and juices.

When you step inside, you’re greeted by dim lighting offset by bright neon signs, rustic wooden fixtures, and elegant floral arrangements accented with candles. According to patrons, the food is both tasty and satisfying, thanks to the flavorful, hearty portions.

They also often feature live shows and DJs for a lively dining environment. For those who prefer to personalize their dining experience, STONED Pizza welcomes guests to bring their own joints and flower.  

Infuzed Cafe

Infuzed Cafe Chicago

1953 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Price: $10–20

ForTHC-infused restaurants in Chicago, check out Infuzed Cafe on Milwaukee Avenue. Right when you walk in, you can't miss the upside-down car on the ceiling. But it's not just the car that makes this place stand out.

The cafe has a clean, modern vibe with neon lights, brick walls, and sleek wooden accents. Whether you’re a veteran or a casual cannabis user, Infuzed Cafe offers a wide variety of snacks, baked goods, and drinks in varied dosages. Their menu consists of everything from cookies and slushies to coffee and ice cream.

We like the fact that they offer both THC-infused and non-THC options, so you can even bring the family along. Plus, they’re upfront about being all local and organic by sourcing from and supporting local farmers and producers.

Dinner at Mary’s

Dinner At Mary's Restaurant Experience

Boston-based; no physical location

Price: varies

Unfortunately, due to state laws, there aren’t anycannabis-infused restaurants in Boston. However, that didn’t stop Dinner at Mary’s. Instead of a traditional restaurant setting, Dinner at Mary’s offers an exclusive in-home dining experience, bringing high-end cannabis-infused meals right to your doorstep. Aside from in-home dining, they can also host corporate mocktail parties, cannabis pairing dinners, and other bespoke dining arrangements.

Their menu is quite diverse, featuring entrees like beef Wellington, lamb roast, pot pies, and lighter fare such as pita & tzatziki dip. As for dessert, they offer options like carrot cake, honey and fig pannacotta, bread pudding, and other sweet tooth-satisfying dishes.

And if you enjoy being part of the food prep process, they also provide meal kits starting at $79 for two people. As of now, it’s a members-only setup, so you'll need to reach out to them to find out how to join and enjoy their unique offerings.

Pies & Grinders

Pies and Grinders restaurant

5490 Powers Center Point #180, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Price: $3 - $25

Pizza and wings are one of the best comfort meals, but add a twist of CBD infusion, and you’ve got yourself a real good time. Located in Colorado Springs, Pies & Grinders offers a casual dining experience that caters to both cannabis users and non-users alike.

The menu at Pies & Grinders is extensive, featuring a wide variety of pizzas, subs, and wings, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The atmosphere is all about casual comfort, with spacious interiors, cushy foam seats, and bright lighting that makes you feel right at home.

For those who prefer enjoying their meals at home, Pies & Grinders also offers takeout options so you can enjoy your CBD-infused pizza in the comfort of your own home. They have three locations across the state, with one along Black Forest Road and another in Jackson Creek. If you’re in the area, Pies & Grinders is one of the bestCBD-infused restaurants in Colorado.

The Chartreuse Dinner Club

Chartreuse Dinner CLub

Downtown St. Louis, Missouri

Price: $150 per seat

Sincecannabis-infused restaurants in Missouri aren’t a thing yet, The Chartreuse Dinner Club fills this niche by providing a curated four-course fine dining experience infused with cannabis. The club offers an intimate atmosphere that complements its exclusive dining experience, set in the owner and private chef’s, Aliya Waldman, cozy loft in downtown St. Louis.

The menu varies monthly, catering to a diverse audience ranging from seasoned cannabis aficionados to those new to this culinary trend. Aliya personally adjusts the cannabis dosage to meet each guest’s comfort level for an enjoyable and tailored dining experience.

Reservations are a must if you're looking to dine at The Chartreuse Dinner Club, with bookings opening on the 20th of each month. This is also when Aliya unveils her unique menu for the upcoming month. Take note that only CBD options are available on her menu.

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