Carbon Lite.

Ignite with Lite.

Elevate your ignition experience with Carbon Lite from Vessel. Engineered for peerless elegance and effortless functionality, Carbon Lite is your passport to a new realm of refinement.

It's convenience, redefined. Serving as a younger counterpart to our illustrious Carbon, Carbon Lite not only possesses the same distinguished lighting capabilities but delivers an unparalleled experience in a more compact form.

Dynamite Control.

Crafted for the discerning smoking enthusiast, Carbon Lite's portability is exemplified by the convenient finger hole, while the inverted flame ensures the utmost ease and control in use for any session.


Tech Specs

Refillable and comes pre-filled with premium butane*

Smaller and more compact than its predecessor

High precision ignition trigger

Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.2" x 0.65" (L x W x H in inches)

Weight: 35 grams

Exterior materials: plastic casing

Limited six month warranty

*For optimum performance, we recommend using premium high-performance butane only.

Inverted design with angled flame for use right side up, or upside down

Adjustable low temperature candle flame.

Ergonomic design featuring a textured grip

Ready to go.
Premium portability.

Carbon Lite comes pre-filled with premium butane, so it’s ready to hit the ground running and embark on any adventure with you. And when the time comes, it's easy-to-refill nature ensures you always have a superior flame at your fingertips.

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Customers love it.

Great lighter

"I love this lighter! It seems to have the best angle for lighting whatever I'm smoking. Fits good in my hand and is easy to operate."

Jeff B.
Small but effective

"No more burnt fingers trying to hold a lighter upside down or comically using one of those long stemmed stick lighters. It fits easily in my hand and lights well. Totally worth it."

Alex R.
Perfect travel lighter

"The Carbon Lite is the perfect travel lighter. It easily fits in your pocket or pack, feels good in your hand, and lights at different angles. A great addition to the Vessel family!"

Mike S.

With Carbon Lite, we redefine what it means to ignite in style, leaving Bic lighters in the shadows.

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Can I refill this product?

Certainly, Carbon Lite comes prefilled with premium butane and is also designed to be refillable.

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What sets Carbon Lite apart from Carbon?

Carbon Lite distinguishes itself by its compact size compared to its predecessor, Carbon. It is both lighter and smaller in form.
In addition to form factor, Carbon Lite has approximately half the fluid capacity compared to Carbon. If you anticipate more frequent use, we recommend choosing Carbon instead of Carbon Lite

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Can I adjust the flame on Carbon Lite?

Absolutely, just like Carbon, Carbon Lite offers adjustable flame settings to cater to your preferred consumption experience.

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What's the purpose of having an inverted flame?

An inverted flame simplifies the process of sparking your session, eliminating the risk of burning your fingers while lighting your bowl.

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Can Carbon Lite be used with other types of fuel besides butane?

No, we recommend exclusively using high-quality premium butane, which can be purchased separately, with our lighters.

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How long does the butane in Carbon Lite typically last before needing a refill?

The butane in Carbon Lite typically lasts for a varying duration depending on usage, but it is best to refill it when you notice the fuel is running low (viewable on the window on the back of the lighter) to ensure uninterrupted use.