Introducing Our Newest Partner in Canada

Birch + Fog is the lifestyle collective for plant-powered wellness essentials designed to elevate your mind, nourish your body, and enhance your perception of beauty. It’s an unadulterated celebration of life, happiness, and health.

We formed a rooted e-commerce partnership with B+F to provide you with not only better access to Vessel in Canada (price, shipping, service), but broader support from a holistic approach to a plant-powered lifestyle. This partnership was formed to help you make the most of the moments that matter.

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We want you to make the most of your experiences by introducing products that mediate your daily rituals. With each passing moment, we see more and more Foggers recounting the positive effect of a plant-powered lifestyle. from moving away from pharmaceuticals and relieving chronic ailments to enhanced social lives and happier pets. More than products, Birch + Fog it is an embodiment of experiences, which is why we categorize our products based on the Experience Profiles that make up all our everyday routines.

If you live in Canada, we welcome you to visit B+F today - your new Vessel awaits. A formal press release to follow shortly. 



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