What’s A One Hitter For Weed? - Everything You Need To Know

As society becomes more accepting toward — and more interested in — cannabis, more are turning to the plant for itspotential health benefits. After theespecially difficult year of 2020, it’s understandable why so many are turning to one hitter pipes and cannabis to provide a small bit of relaxation;something to take the edge off, so to speak. But what exactly is a one hitter for weed? And are they among the best marijuana pipes out there? 

What is a one hitter for weed?

A one hitter for weed is a pipe that’s small in size and shape, featuring a very narrow bowl. This more miniature bowl is specifically designed to hold a smaller amount of cannabis, ideal for a single inhale or hit. One hitter pipes actually vary in form, style and shape, especially across different cultures. While different traditional and modern styles of one hitters exist, all of their bowls remain roughly the same size to accommodateholding about 25mg of cannabis, or one hit. 

How does a one hitter work?

Fortunately, one hitters are notoriously easy to use, even for beginners. To use a one hitter, you simply have to load the pipe’s small bowl with dried, ground flower and use a lighter to get it burning. Users will then perform one — or a few — solid inhalations to smoke the bowl before ashing it out, packing it away and readying it for next use. More cannabis specifics including ideal texture and consistency are discussed below.

Why choose a one hitter pipe?


Discreet / easy on-the-go

A one hitter for weed is typically very small,easy to safely pack away and discreet in use thanks to the small amount of smoke it produces and space it takes up. 

Cannabis conserving

The bowl piece of a one hitter pipe is sized quite literally for one hit. This allows users to conserve their stash, only smoking one hit at a time.

Easy to use / clean

Unlike other more complex smoking pieces, one hitters are simple in build and maintenance. Remembering to ash out the small bowl directly after smoking, and then rinsing for a more thorough cleaning is key. 

Less pungent odor

Given one hit can only produce so much smoke, and therefore so much aroma, these small pipes are ideal for those looking to keep their smoking more private.

Potent single hits

Utilizing the one hitter smoking method can help cannabis users limit their consumption and keep their tolerance lower. This can also make a single hit seem much more potent.

Types of modern one hitters

  • Chillum pipes: Conical in shape, chillum pipes are typically made of clay and feature a channel that runs from bowl to mouthpiece. Originally used in India by Hindu monks, chillums are now very popular across the globe.
  • Glass pipes: Although they can be more easily broken, glass one hitters are ideal for smokers focused on quality taste. 
  • Metal pipes: Metal one hitter pipes are durable, but many on the market lack finesse in design and execution.

Traditional types of one hitters

  • Sebsi: Thesebsi pipe originates from Morocco and features a narrow clay bowl with a long, wooden stem. This type of one hitter can be over a foot long and was traditionally used to smoke kief, rather than normal flower. 
  • Kiseru: Japanese in origin, the kiseru one hitter is usually made from acombination of metal and bamboo. Initially popularized in the 17th century, kiseru pipes are even mentioned in some Buddhist texts. 
  • Medwakh: Although traditionally used to smoke tobacco and other herbs, the Middle Eastern one hitter pipe is sometimes used to smoke cannabis. Medwakh can be made from a variety of materials — from wood and metal, to glass and bone. 

Best type of cannabis for a one hitter

Any type of cannabis strain can be smoked through a one hitter. What's more particular and important to understand about the cannabis being smoked via one hitter is its texture and consistency. For ideal smoking in this scenario, one’s flower should be freshly dried and ready to be ground. 

You should pay special attention to how fine you grind your cannabis — if it’s too fine it, you will end up inhaling large amounts of ash. With that being said, if the cannabis is too coarse it can actually block proper airflow. A bit of experimentation is necessary to find the perfect consistency, but once it’s established you will know exactly how much to grind your cannabis for an ideal smoke. 

To sum it up

Whether it be for ease of use, discreetness, or cannabis conservation, one hitter pipes can provide a great option for those interested in smoking on a smaller scale. Sometimes one hit can hit just right.


Can a one hitter get you high?

In short: yes. While using a one hitter isn’t quite as intense as smoking a whole bowl or taking a dab, smoking any amount of quality cannabis can get someone high to a certain degree. Many enjoy using one hitter pipes for this exact reason — they’re discreet, allow for smoking small amounts on the go, and eliminate the hassle of using any extra accessories or cannabis.

What is the best one hitter pipe?

One hitter pipes, much like many other cannabis accessories, are not one-size-fits-all. Different smokers have different preferences concerning which type of one hitter is the best, but none reign supreme objectively. Largely, users consider the modern chillumone of the best marijuana pipes in the one hitter realm; its common clay or glass material is popular for its feel and smoke experience. Additionally, one hitters like the Helix utilize new technology and design to provide the perfect combination of filtering and cooling. 

How much is in a one hitter?

It’s hard to say each one hitter’s mini bowl / chamber is the same size, but most hold around 25mg of cannabis — what is considered about a single hit. Ultimately though, it’s up to the individual user to decide how much cannabis they would like in their one hitter pipe and how much creates the most ideal single hit.


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