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Product Spotlight: Vessel Wood Series

Product Spotlight: Vessel Wood Series

Vaping has become a popular way to avoid the health hazards of consuming via combustion methods, or for athletes to more efficiently enjoy the benefits of CBD and THC in their physical routines. The Vessel brand is a trusted name in the vape pen battery industry, known for our innovative designs and pushing the boundaries of what the vaping experience should. Our pens are often referred to as the best 510 battery available.

Vessel is pleased to present our Wood Series, three of the worlds best vape pen designs, including the all new Bronze with Blackwood. The wood series is our most popular vape pen. Each one is a small work of art and presents a unique style to the world.

1. Vessel Wood Series: Slate/Walnut

Made from real walnut wood and cool anodized aluminum, the grain on the walnut wood will be unique for each vape. The aluminum is a subtle, slate color with the brand VESSEL engraved in it. Three LED lights indicate the voltage settings. The vape is 4.3 inches long with a half inch diameter.

The Slate/Walnut Wood Vessel vape pen is available for $99.99, or for four interest-free payments of $25.00.

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2. Vessel Wood Series: Silver/Walnut

The Walnut is composed of real walnut wood. Each piece will have its own distinct grain. The silver is composed of cool anodized aluminum and contrasts beautifully with the walnut wood. The brand name VESSEL is engraved in the aluminum. Three LED lights indicate the voltage settings. The vape is 4.3 inches long and half an inch in diameter.

The Silver/Walnut Wood vape pen is available for $99.99, or for four interest-free payments of $25.00.

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3. Vessel Wood Series: Bronze/Blackwood

Real blackwood, with its own unique grain in every piece, sets off the cool anodized aluminum bronze. Three LED lights indicate the voltage settings. The vape is 4.3 inches long with a diameter of a half inch. The brand name VESSEL is engraved in the bronze aluminum.

The Bronze/Blackwood vape pen is available for $99.99, or for four interest-free payments of $25.00.

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Each Vessel features:

  • Quick Start Guide. Located inside the top of the Vessel box.
  • 510 Cartridge Compatibility. 510 thread batteries and cartridges are the market standard. However, some brands may use different cartridge sizes. The thread may be the same, but the diameter may be too wide. Our devices can accommodate a larger cartridge by simply removing the transition module – the top portion. 
  • 3 Power Settings. Our products have three adjustable power settings. Using the main button interface, you can toggle between the low, medium and high settings. Click the main button five times to make sure it is on, then each click will adjust your setting. Low is 2.8 volts and is cyan in color. Medium is 3.2 and is yellow. High is 3.6 and is magenta. We recommend beginning at the lowest setting.
  • Long Lasting, Smart Battery. We have programmed intelligent features into our vape pens. These including Auto-Shutdown to avoid turning on while not in use, as well as overuse protection to prevent overheating. Each Vessel vape is powered by a lithium-ion battery. It can last for over two weeks with moderate usage.
  • Magnetic Charger.  We saw the problems with having to charge from the same location your cartridge resides, like most of today's standard vape pens, so we decided to fix the problem. Our innovative magnetic USB charging cable conveniently attaches to the bottom of your Vessel device. 

Tips On Using Vessel Vape Pens

Vessel vaporizer devices do not require you to preheat or prime the oil in your cartridge of choice. Our clean power output allows for a more efficient burn than with other vape pens, and our optimally-tuned air intake provides for a better pull on the oil. After turning on your Vessel vape pen and choosing your power setting, press the button while you inhale. We recommend small, gentle pulls until you get acquainted with your device.

To turn your Vessel vape pen on or off, simply click the power button five times in a row. The auto shutoff feature will turn off the device automatically after 15 minutes to prevent accidental activation in your pocket or purse.

We recommend that you keep the power connection points free and clear of oil residue, dust or other particles. If a connection point is dirty, you can gently clean it with some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on a cotton swab.

If the lights on your Vessel vape blink when you are not charging it, check the cartridge to make sure it is not threaded too tightly. If it still blinks, you can reconnect the device to the magnetic charging cable. This resets the device.

If this still does not work, please contact us by pushing the help button at the bottom of our page, or through Twitter @VesselSupport or by email. Also, visit our support page for Vessel tips, tricks, and support. 



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