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How to Use a One Hitter

How to Use a One Hitter

Easy to use and discreet, one hitters are a classic favorite among many types of smokers. How to use a one hitter is a straight-forward process, making this compact device perfect for a smoke on-the-go. From packing to ashing, this guide explores the ins-and-outs of how to smoke and clean a one hitter. 

How to use a one hitter

Once you know how to properly use a one hitter, smoking from this device is easy and convenient. 

From packing to smoking and cleaning, this device ensures a discreet and simple on-the-go smoke session. 


Packing your one hitter is as easy as two twists--once you get used to the process. Follow these simple steps to properly pack your one hitter. 

Step 1: 

Grind up your herb. Make sure the herb is well ground: this ensures an even smoke. Though some one-hitter users like to place a nug directly into the bowl of their one hitters, this method causes an uneven burn. An uneven burn causes a harsher smoke--ouch on the throat! 

Grinding your weed before placing it into your one hitter allows you to get more mileage from your herb. Plus, this method lowers the chance of clogging the piece or producing debris. In other words, less scoobs. Grind up your herb finely before packing. 

Step 2: 

Pack your bowl. Depending on the shape of your pipe--or your personal packing preferences--you might want to pack your bowl one of two different ways. 

For best results, pack traditional one hitters vertically. Simply take your one hitter and dip the bowl end into your basin (or container of ground herb) and twist. Repeat this dip and twist action two or three times for a better packed and longer lasting bowl. Then, use your fingers, a poker, or another flat surface to perform one last pack of the bowl to remove any debris. Be sure not to pack the bowl of the one hitter too tight: packing too tight restricts air flow, restricting the flame from lighting the herb.

Packing a traditional one hitter is an easy, convenient, borderline fun activity. However, many smokers like to use a dugout pipe to make the loading process just that much easier. A dugout one hitter has a more traditional looking bowl. Because of its shape, users don’t necessarily need the small container to pack the herb. To pack your dugout, simply grind your herb and then place it in the herb case until it is nearly full. Leave some space at the top so that the herb does not overflow. Once again, make sure it is not packed too tight, as this will create an uneven burn and restricted airflow. 

Though this step is optional, some smokers like to take the end of their pipes with the bowl facing down, and carefully dip it into a basin. Just as you would do with a single one hitter, apply a little bit of pressure and twist until it is packed full

Lighting, Holding, and Inhaling from a One Hitter

Lighting a one hitter is as easy as it sounds. Once the pipe is packed, slowly bring a flame from a lighter, match, or hemp wick towards your bowl while you inhale which draws the flame toward the herb. This method creates a cherry 

Once the one-hitter has been packed, place your one hitter in your mouth, ensuring that no herb spills from the bowl, and slowly bring the flame from a lighter or hemp wick towards the bowl and begin to inhale, drawing the flame into contact with the bud. This will create a cherry, or a portion of the herb that stays lit. By creating a cherry, you will be able to smoke the rest of your bowl without using your lighter. 

How to Ash a One Hitter

After your bowl has been smoked and the session is over, there are a number of ways to clear your pipe. Gently tap your hitter against a hard surface to clear most of the ash from the bowl. Then, blow the excess ash from the pipe. To get stubborn or sticky resin from your piece, consider using a paper clip, toothpick, or other similar device. 

To sum it up

From packing to cleaning up, one hitters are convenient and easy to use. This smoking method is a favorite for a reason: with minimal clean up and a compact frame, one hitters provide a discrete on-the-go smoking method for smokers of all kinds. 


Do you inhale one hitter? 

Yes! Inhale from the mouthpiece while bringing a flame to the pipe: this brings the flame closer to the herb you’re smoking, effectively lighting it. 

What is the point of a one hitter? 

A one hitter is a discreet smoking device, convenient for on-the-go smoking. 

How does a glass one hitter work? 

Read above on tips on how to pack and light your one hitter. To smoke from your one hitter, inhale while bringing a flame to the end. This method brings the flame in contact with the herb, creating a cherry. 

How many hits do you get from a one hitter?

Depends how big your hits are and the size of your pipe! Generally, 2-3. 

What’s the difference between a one hitter and a chillum? 

In modern culture, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, a chillum has traditional spiritual and religious purposes and a specific conical shape which distinguishes it from the general one-hitter category. Otherwise, a one hitter is typically a slender pipe with a screened narrow bowl designed for a single inhalation, or "hit", of smoke from heated herb.